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Texas v Notre Dame Was a Heavyweight Bout, Complete With a Few Cheapshots & Some Haymakers


Texas QB Tyrone Swoopes

By: Alex Marcheschi

Last night, Brian Kelly brought his boys into Austin for the most anticipated game of the year thus far. It was a heavyweight bout, Texas appeared to have the game locked up at several different points, BUT….Notre Dame always still had a pulse and they weren’t going away by any means.

boxing gif.gif

The game was on some storybook stuff. Yes, Houston v Oklahoma was great, the Georgia v UNC game was awesome and Wisconsin got a great win, but this game blew all of them out of the water. Both teams were using two QBs, Texas was relying on a freshman center and the crowd in Austin was tickled pink to have a decent team on the field for the first time in a while. So how’d it go down? That’s what we’re here for.


Texas’ first TD of the game and was a gem and a half. The Longhorns rotated QBs throughout the game, but freshman QB Shane Buechele (aka Colt McCoy 2.0) stole the show early. The kid has the face of a high schooler and the marbles of a grown man.

He dropped this beautiful dime for Texas’ first score of the game. GREAT awareness by the receiver.

What a start for the kid….like I said,



The teams traded punches and ND put one in on a wild somersault TD to tie it up at 14.

The first half was tight, and the other Texas QB (Tyrone Swoopes) rumbled into the endzone and truck sticked a camera man for good measure to put the Longhorns up 21-14 heading into the half.

To start the second half, Texas’ freshman QB Buechele launched a 70 yarder for a TD and it looked like Texas was putting the game away, especially after this happened…

That was definitely targeting and Texas didn’t get called for anything. Prevented an ND touchdown and took the Irish’s best receiver out of the game.

After falling behind Notre Dame when the game became a shootout, Texas scored once again to go back ahead by three points, or at least that’s what they thought. Instead of drilling the extra point and going up by three, it got blocked and housed and the game was tied. Absolutely wild.

The game ended up going into double OT, and in the second OT Notre Dame had the ball first and could only get a field goal. Swoopes smelled blood and, in true Paul Pierce fashion, called game.

The end result? A 50-47 win for Texas.

p.s. the spread was ND-4 for most people…win for Longhorn backers. Live look at Notre Dame backers who thought they were in for a payday.

nd gif.gif


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