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After Watching Jameis’ Halftime Speech to the Noles, I’m Convinced the Bucs Will Win the NFC South

By: Alex Marcheschi

Hey Cam, keep your head on a swivel, there’s a new sheriff in the NFC South. That was the greatest pump up speech I’ve ever seen in my life and what makes it even better is that it actually worked. The Noles came out in the second half and whooped that ass.

To put it very simpy, Jameis is the type of guy I want leading my football team. I know he’s controversial, I know he might be a terrible dude, but this is the NFL. The Cowboys signed Greg Hardy last year, AP whipped his kid, Rolando McClain shot a gun off inches from someone’s face, Ray Rice, Darren Sharper etc., etc.

In my opinion, either you have to watch the NFL and accept that you’re a trash human for liking it, or boycott it entirely. Can’t be lukewarm.

I’m a trash human.

p.s. – Didn’t think it was possible to top this football speech, but Jameis did it.



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