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Dugan’s Deliberations: NFL Week 1 in Review

By: Tyler Dugan

Its week one and I’m losing my blog virginity, so let’s get right into it.

going in.gif

Unfortunately, I was coaching the St. Dominic/St Teresa Bruinhawks to a week 3 win, so I was unable to catch the early part of the 1 o’ clock games. But, I’d like to think I got the basic drift on what all went down. So here are some of the take-aways I got from week 1.

We will start obviously with the Bengals. First things first, Jeremy Hill didn’t fumble, which is good for my health.

Second, I’ve been an Andy Dalton guy from day 1, so I may be slightly biased, but the guy can play and deserves a LOAD of credit for the win. He’s a no doubt top 10 QB and may be rising into the top 7 or so.

andy face.jpg

A.J. Green is a freak, I rip him a ton, but he was on today, and when A.J. is on he’s the best in the league. He made Darrell Revis look like Keiwan Ratliff. Literally unguardable.


The D hung in, hopefully they can regroup and start to look better. I’m genuinely nervous for the league when King Tez comes back. Josh Shaw was the surprise of the day, had the pick, and a huge 3rd down tackle.

I’m glad he took time off from jumping out of 3 story buildings to save babies. That’s all I got for the Bengals, hopefully they come rolling into Heinz Field next week like Bane did back in 2012.


The Browns are genuinely terrible, I know we say this every year, but it still amazes me every year. The fact that people believed an RG3 and Terrelle Pryor offense could be respectable is mind boggling. They got ran train on by an awful Philly team who started a rookie quarterback out of North Dakota State. I give the Browns 3 wins this year.
The Indy v Detroit over/under may have been the most obvious over ever, and my dumb brain didn’t take it. The Colts haven’t played defense since Bob Sanders retired, and the Lions have actually never played defense, so I was annoyed with myself for not taking that over.

Other than that, I hate how loud Andrew Luck’s cadence is screamed into the mic, CBS needs to find a way to mute that when the Colts are on the field. Hell of a game to watch though. Stafford was at his peak just slinging it to anyone and everyone. I miss Calvin so damn much, a true GOAT.

Raiders v Saints game was wild, Jack Del Rio is a cool cat with balls the size of Alaska. Love going for 2 to win it. I think the NFL should change the rules to the way you play Madden with your roommates, no punts, no field goals, no extra points in the 4th quarter. Balls to the wall drama.
Seahawks v Dolphins was a game between two teams I hate for no reason. Horrible to watch, Russell Wilson is the worst. The announcers brought up his rolled ankle 6 billion times, meanwhile you could flip the channel and watch JPP play defense with one damn hand. Get a grip Russell.

All the other games…well, I didn’t really see much, so I wont give my thoughts on those. I did watch the Cowboys/Giants game but I’m sure Skip and Shannon will do enough talking for all of us on that game.

Peace out.


  1. Good start, Tyler! You’ll need to get a couple more monitors and DVRs to cover the whole league. Look forward to next week!

  2. Go Bruin Hawks!!!!!!!

    Well done! So right on regarding Luck’s decibel level.

    Much Love & Two Fingers,

    Big PUPpy

    P.S. Take the over next weekend at Pittsburgh!!!

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