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The PUP List Minnow Tank: DIY Homemade Visors

If you haven’t noticed already, ex-host of The Saturday Night Beaver Jimmy Talvin has committed heavily to The PUP List. His contract details have yet to be released, but ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports, “insiders value the acquisition upwards of 600K.” Yeah right D, that’s pretty low to be honest.

Anyway, if you missed his Cincinnati pizza reviews from Friday night, you can view them here. He’s back with another invention for our Minnow Tank series: DIY Homemade Visors.

Got an old hat you’re thinking about throwing away? Don’t do it! Instead, be industrious and turn that shit into a fire visor! Simply cut around the hat about 1.3 inches above the brim and you’re golden. All you need is a steady hand. 

Visors had their run at the turn of the century, John Gruden made People Magazine’s List of 50 Most Beautiful People in 2001 while rocking visors.


gruden people.png

gruden people 2.png

Visor’s are perfect for day-drinking and keeping the sun out of your eyes, while still letting the flow breathe. Chicks dig it, and Gruden is proof. Duh.






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