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Hey L.A., Get Excited For NFL Football, It’s Back! *28-0 shutout loss and your best player gets ejected*


By: Alex Marcheschi

My review of football being back in LA!!!!:


Last night’s game will live in infamy, the Rams made Blaine Gabbert (Blaine Gabbert!?!) look like prime Michael Vick and they threw up a giant goose-egg on offense. Berman was on the call and it was, no exaggeration, the worst job any announcer has ever done. Worse than this guy:

And then this happened in the fourth quarter:

(excuse my typo)

In the pre-game, Steve Young called Aaron Donald the second best defensive player in the league behind Watt. In the game, Donald threw the second worst sports temper tantrum ever behind John McEnroe.

Get excited for football LA!!! Jeff Fisher is your coach, Case Keenum is your QB, your number one overall draft pick sucks so bad he doesn’t even dress and the best player on your team is livid that he has to live in your “great” city. Yikes.

p.s. – Live look at Stan Kroenke re-eveluating Jeff Fisher’s contract:


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