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Introducing #GarbageDumpSundays


By: Alex Marcheschi

Every NFL Sunday, degenerates across America consume insane amounts of food and beverages while watching the game we all hold near and dear to our hearts. College campuses are riddled with bros laying on dirty-ass couches eating Chipotle and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while recent graduates regret their ever-increasing hangovers, chug Pedialyte and maybe even mix in a little hair of the dog.

hair of the dog.gif

During non-football Sundays, a bad hangover can make you question every decision you’ve ever made in your life. But on NFL Sundays? It’s a badge of honor, a golden excuse to consume more alcohol and enough food to genuinely satisfy a family of three for the day.

Our staff members documented what they consumed on this past NFL opening Sunday, and we’d love to make this a weekly tradition. Take a look at what we drilled this past weekend, and if the spirit moves you enough, tweet us next Sunday night with your own kill list.













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