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The DEGEN-F-L Show: NFL Week 2 Preview Podcast

The episode starts with Boots’ college football minute and he talks about how it’s never safe to bet the under against Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. We then give you our transparency segment that recaps how our picks worked out last week, all in all, not too bad.

Questions answered: Is CJ Anderson legit? Are the Steelers on PEDs? Is Matt Stafford back? Is Josh McCown actually heart broken? Can the Bengals pull off a W against the Steelers?

Plus, we get a look into how east coasters view the Bengals. And last, but not least, Conor brought the heat and shit on AJ Green when Alex tried to call him the most talented receiver in the league. Bengals fans aren’t gonna like what they hear.

p.s. it was a flu game for Cheese as he puked his brains out after the show, he was a little out of it towards the end there, but powered through for the people. Did Conor torching AJ make him sick to his stomach? You be the judge.



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