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College Football Week 2 Recap: 18 Wheels on a Big Rig…and they rolling, rolling, rolling

By: Adam Bross

The AP top 25 team only lost twice this weekend compared to a seven week 1…although, of those seven, four lost to teams ranked last week and the other three lost to teams ranked this week who moved to 2-0 this week.  So as I look at the losses by Texas Christian and Oklahoma State, I am reminder of two things: 1) the Big-12 is far worse than a season ago and 2) I also went 0-2 in my upset picks (despite both spreads being defeated -_-).

Monsters Inc

Play of the Week:

Lamar Jackson set the college football world on fire with an uninterrupted highlight on Friday night.  In primetime without NFL or college distractions, the Louisville Quarterback let the world know he wants a shot at the Heisman.  He’ll have another chance to show it against a far tougher opponent with Florida State visiting Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium this weekend…oh, and his first time making an appearance in the rules for College Gameday Drinking Game.

2016 Heisman Front-runner: Lamar Jackson, Louisville QB

It took one week for Lamar Jackson to make his touchdown performance Week 1 stand-up.  He’ll need another big game against a better opponent this weekend against Florida State at home with College Gameday visiting Louisville.  We watched Ole Miss have success against FSU week 1, so perhaps Jackson can run wild once more.  Both his team and his Heisman run will need it.

No one is going undefeated in the SEX-iest Conference…Again

It’s no surprise, but after watching another week, it’s even more obvious that the SEC is going to be a wild roller coaster this season.  A week after rolling in the sty with Appalachian State, the Tennessee Volunteers turned Virginia Tech over 5 times and beat down the Hokies 45-24 in Bristol.  Was it a perfect game?  It never is when out-gained 400-330, but the Vols finished drives to make the game a dominant performance.  Other results in the East?  Florida and Missouri rolled, but the Georgia result was far more interesting.  The Dawgs followed a big time win over North Carolina with a near miss to Nicholls Between the Hedges in Athens.  What do we know, there is no dominant team in the East.  And, the West is…the West with a bunch of hyper-talented teams and one who performs up to snuff over and over again: Alabama.  Will this be the year a team dethrones the Tide?  It’ll depend on Bama taking care of the ball and a team being able to go into the trenches with Buhmuh.

I’m never picking against the Hoges as underdogs on the road again.

Does this mean Ar-Kansas is undefeated forever when a road underdoge?  Absolutely not, but the Hogs have beaten the spread the last six times as road underdogs…underhogs?  The underhoges might have benefited from multiple TCU turnovers and the defense offered up a buffet of 572 yards to Trill Hill, but the Hogs controlled the ball as is apart of the plan.  They forced TCU into mistakes by milking clock and forcing Trill to play out of control.  That’s Ar-Kansas football.  That’s what Hoges do.


The Big-12 is already doomed for the playoff

Texas is not nearly ready, Oklahoma already proved it can lose, Baylor is Baylor, TCU dropped one to the Hoges last week, and West Virginia will inevitably.  What does this all add up to?  A bunch of two loss teams without the eye test abilities to have a chance such as 2015 Stanford.  Oklahoma is still the best opportunity despite the Houston loss, but please, Normainians or whatever the hell you’re called, don’t hold your breath.

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