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The Triple B’s Recap: UC Plays 3 Good Quarters, Bobcats Fight and OSU Flexes

triple bbbbbb.png

By: Alex Marcheschi

I’m back with another recap of the Triple B’s (Bearcats, Bobcats and Buckeyes) and sadly, we only got one win from the bunch. That win came from the Buckeyes and boy was it a nice one.

Urban flexed all over Bob Stoops and showed the Sooners that they aren’t on the same level as the Bucks. Meyer has a full-blown stable of talent in Columbus and it was on full display Saturday night. We’ll save the best for last though, to start…

Houston 40, Bearcats 16

The Bearcats were only down 12-10 when the fourth quarter started, and that’s when the Cougars showed us why they were ranked #6 in the country. Greg Ward Jr. was borderline impossible to contain in the quarter and Houston’s athletes outperformed UC’s on every level.

However, the first three quarters were really exciting, and that excitement was sparked by this amazing route Devin Gray ran to answer Houston’s first score.

Houston then went on to kick a field goal and the first half was, oddly enough, a defensive battle. The Bearcats were trailing 10-7 when this truly wild defensive play happened.

That prevented Houston from scoring and put the Bearcats in field goal range. Gantz hit to tie it up before half.

The only score of the third quarter was a safety when the Bearcats ran a draw play on their own goal line (Tubs bein’ Tubs). The fourth quarter began with the Bearcats actually grabbing a 16-12 lead on this play:

But, the rest of the quarter was a beat down and the real Cougars came out to play, hanging 28 on the ‘Cats. The Bearcats did not cover, but played a good game on the national stage.

The Bearcats next game is at home against the Redhawks next Saturday.

Tennessee 28, Ohio 19

First of all, it’s important to note that the Vols were favored by 27. OU came out to play, and Greg Windham looked very good against a vaunted SEC defense.

The Vols came out hot with an early TD pass from Dobbs, but the Bobcats answered with a field goal a few possessions later. Then, they kicked another field goal to cut the lead to just one point.

UT’s Jalen Hurd rushed for a TD to start the second quarter, but then Ohio’s kicker, Louie Zervos, hit another foeld goal to make it 14-9.

OU’s best defensive player may very well be Tarell Basham. He came up with this great sack that pushed UT back in the second quarter and resulted in a missed field goal.

Then, OU picked off Dobbs and Bobbie fans got real excited:

Here’s a great passing play from Windham to Sebastian Smith to give you an idea of how comfortable they looked at Neyland.

Solich then went for a HUGE 4th and 2 and got it:

The Bobcats got another field goal and the score was 14-12 UT at half. There was no scoring in the third quarter until the five minute mark when UT scored a TD. Windham went right down and answered with a TD pass to Jordan Reid with 1:57 left in the third:

That made the score 21-18 in favor of UT, but the Bobcats weren’t able to score again and UT punched in one more TD. OU lost, but easily covered. Great showing by the Bobcats, this team has the vibes of a bowl game winner, but the MAC is loaded this year.

Ohio’s next game is at home next Saturday against Gardner-Webb.

Buckeyes 45, Oklahoma 24

The Buckeyes played this game as if they were the main character in a Michael Bay movie. Explosions everywhere, earth-shattering hits, long bombs…it was a freakshow. Before the game, Oklahoma’s backup QB said that the Ohio State secondary was “basic” and the Silver Bullets heard it loud and clear. The secondary sniped two picks off of the Sooner’s QB, Baker Mayfield, and housed one of them.

Kickoff was delayed until 9 pm because of storms in Norman, and when the teams were finally allowed back on to the field, things got heated very quickly.

The first TD of the game was on a 4th and 1 from Oklahoma’s 36-yard line. Curtis Samuel turned on the burners and housed this counter run:

Then, the Bullets got to Mayfield for the first time:

The Sooners answered with a housed kickoff, but the returner pulled a Desean Jackson and dropped the ball before he even scored. However, no one saw it, somehow.

Barrett wasn’t scurred though, and he answered by hitting Noah Brown for the first of his four (!!!) TDs on the day.

Brown’s next score was one of the best TD catches I’ve ever seen…

Things got bad for the Sooners from there and the Bucks easily covered. Big statement in primetime, OSU looks primed for another title run.

The Buckeyes next game is on October 1 at home vs. Rutgers.








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