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The State of The Bengals Address: Mo Egger is Wrong, TNF is a Must-Win Game


By: Alex Marcheschi

First off, I just want to say my intention with this isn’t supposed to be a troll takedown of Mo. I never listened to him when I lived in Cincy, not because I dislike him, I just didn’t feel like it. I follow him on Twitter because he’s pretty much the only normal sports media dude that gives a shit about Cincy. I disagree with the majority of his takes, but that’s what sports media is all about. It’s ok to disagree with people, discussion is the whole point of social media and blogging.

*that was me essentially saying, “no offense, but…”*

Mo, saying that this Dolphins game isn’t a must-win is just a flat out dumb statement. This is what you can read if you click that link:

A 1-3 start, with back-to-back home losses, would be a disaster.  There’d be louder grumblings that the roster and coaching staff turnover was catching up with them, more discussion about black clouds hovering over them, and instead of wondering if this is the year the Bengals finally won in the playoffs, we’ll be worrying if they will even make them.

After tonight, the Bengals will play just one of their next five games at Paul Brown Stadium, with a game in Foxborough that looms in between trips to Dallas, London, and New Jersey on the horizon. If the Bengals want to be on the happy side of .500 on Thanksgiving, there’s a really, really good chance that they absolutely have to win tonight.

It still seems too early in the year, and in the week, for a must-win game.” – Mo Egger 

Uh, hey, Mo…you literally just perfectly described what a must-win situation is, and then completely disregarded it and said it wasn’t a must-win? I’m actually kind of scared that I’m just dumb and I bit on this being a troll job. Because either Mo is intentionally trolling, or that ESPN Radio site is the mayor of Click Bait City and they just forced Mo to cover his trail and say it wasn’t a must win.

So, if we lose tonight, we then have to go to Dallas and beat the Cowboys in Jerry World. And, I’m sorry, but the Bengals never play well in the spotlight. It’s a fact by now, it’s no longer an original take. That’s why I’m really scared of the Dolphins tonight.

The key to Dalton’s success (and basically the Bengals success) is Andy’s confidence. 100%. That’s it. A confident Andy can win a playoff game, a rattled and self-conscious Andy simply can’t win a big game.

I feel like I can say that, because I too am a ginger. We get very self-conscious in the spotlight. It doesn’t feel like your supposed to be there when you’re a ginger. This might sound like a joke, but I’m such a ginger that the spotlight actually irritates my skin.

But, ginger rant aside, if we lose tonight and then roll into Dallas with Low Self-Esteem Andy…we’re cooked. Because after that, we travel to Foxboro to take on Brady IN HIS FIRST HOME GAME BACK FROM SUSPENSION.


And then week 7 is against the Browns at home, and that might seem like an easy win, but they are coached by someone who literally knows everything about our organization.


So yeah Mo, the Dolphins game is a must-win in every sense of the phrase. It will determine Andy’s confidence level for the rest of the season. It’s the difference between being .500 and 1-3. And if we lose, there’s a real chance we start the season 1-6.

All that being said though, I’m still all in on this team as of 2:13 pm on 9/29/2016 when I just typed that. I know I can be a very pessimistic Bengals fan, and I feel like I’m justified in being like that, but we do have the talent. I still love the defense, peep what Carlos was saying this week:

Fuck yeah, Carlos. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and when he’s feelin’ it, there are very few humans capable of blocking him. And, oh, The ‘Tazemanian Devil is back. I actually feel like he is going to come back even more savage than he was last year, and we need a dose of that right now.

Let’s not forget that we’ve faced two great defense (Jets in New York and Denver) and an average Steelers defense that becomes great in divisional home games when the weather is terrible. We have also been without two of our top five players in Eifert and ‘Taze thus far.

The only thing I’m actually pissed about is the receivers. We lead the league in drops. That’s awful. We had Mo Sanu and Marvin Jones last year. Marv just had 6 catches for 205 yards and 2 touchdowns for the Lions on Sunday. We’re relying heavily on rookie Tyler Boyd during the most important Andy and AJ year yet. We signed Brandon LaFell when it’s a proven fact that he can’t catch.


We need Eifert back. If we can get this dub v. the Dolphins, he’ll be back for the Cowboys game, we’ll be .500 and Andy will be confident. We could REALLY use him tonight, and it seems like he’s close, but I actually like the Bengals move not to rush him.

That’s not the type of smart stuff we usually do. In a perfect would, our roster v. the Dolphins roster, we would smoke Miami. But, this isn’t a perfect world…in fact it’s a primetime game, the least perfect world for Cincy fans. We need this one, we’re still ok as I type this on Thursday afternoon, but when I go to bed tonight things could be DARK.

p.s. – one thing I did agree with Mo on…Thursday Night Football is pretty shitty. I mean, it’s nice to have something to watch. But, when it’s your team…it’s just a hassle.

double p.s. – we have a podcast called The DEGEN-F-L Show and you can listen to our latest episode, the week 4 preview here. There’s a decent amount of Bengals talk in there, but it’s a sports betting, comedy and fantasy show about the entire NFL. We’re also on iTunes, that’s where most people listen. Please leave subscribe and leave a review if you like it.

Here’s how Mo responded, if you click on that link a conversation will expand.

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