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Why Playoff Baseball is Lit


By: Brandon Howard

Not watching baseball “because it’s boring” is inexcusable, especially in October where Wildcard/Playoff baseball flourishes. The one game eliminations are the perfect time for non-fans, or even casual fans, to become addicted to baseball. Don’t come at me with the NFL wildcards are better argument, because they’re not.


80% of those games are blowouts (#factsonly) and most of the time we know who is going to win the game. That doesn’t happen in wildcard baseball. Every little detail that happens in those games is so vital to each team, because it could cost them the game.

That moment back in 2003 when I witnessed Aaron Boone hit that home run against the Red Sox to advance to the world series is the moment I became a fan of baseball and the Yankees.

That game was in the American League Championship Series, but nonetheless it still happened in the playoffs. Last night Toronto, aka the 6ix, was so lit. The background music they played, the crowd, every gasp and sigh at balls and strikes, using your starting pitching to elevate the back end of the bullpen and even the funky lineups that the managers displayed are the reasons why playoff baseball is so crack.

The Baltimore Orioles had four double plays last night to end innings and they still lost because Buck Showalter didnt pitch Zach Britton, who arguably just had the greatest season a closer has ever had. Edwin Encarnacion ended the game with a three run blast and just like that the Toronto Blue Jays advance to the ALDS against the Rangers.

This will be another series you want to watch because the last time these two teams played this happened:


Tonight, you have the chance to witness this so-called crack when the Mets take on the Giants in Citi Field. The Giants have been on a crazy even year streak when it comes to winning the World Series and this year, as you may know, is an even year. 2010, 2012, and 2014 the Giants have won it and now the question is: Can they do it again? If you want to see why every pitch matters then Syndergaard(Thor) vs Bumgarner(Mad Bum) is another reason to watch.

Now I know college football, preseason NBA, NFL and dope fall season shows are currently taking up most of your time, but if you want to know why some people absolutely love baseball then tune in tonight or anytime in October to witness the greatness that is playoff baseball.

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