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BREAKING: Christian Hoppens Joins ‘The PUP List’

frank solich.jpg

Frank Solich’s reaction when he learned that Christian joined The PUP List

By: Christian Hoppens

My name is Christian Hoppens and I like to write about sports.

The esteemed founder of this website and I worked together years ago at Ohio University’s student newspaper and it’s wonderful to be back.

But this time Alex won’t be penning masterpieces on Ohio women’s basketball’s nearly winless 2013 MAC campaign and I won’t be grinding on the Bobcat field hockey beat (unless y’all are into that sort of thing).

Instead, I’ll hope to provide you with a look inside the mind of a Detroit sports fan (among other things) and try to give balanced thoughts on the pressing issues in today’s sports world like Marquette King’s mastery of the internet and Calvin Johnson’s ascension as a contender for the Mirror Ball Trophy on “Dancing With the Stars.”


My allegiances lie with all Detroit sports teams, the University of Michigan (sorry) and my beloved Ohio Bobcats. They each tend to provide a good deal of sadness to my life, so my contributions will act as a catharsis for me and an opportunity for readers to laugh at my pain.

*editor’s note – this site is now largely run by Bengals, Jets and Lions fans…yikes

I’m honestly riding pretty high right now due to Team Harbaugh establishing itself as the best team in the state of New Jersey and the Pistons looking like a semi-legit Eastern Conference contender despite the fact that Andre Drummond’s free throw shooting skills make Shaq look like Peja Stojakovic at the stripe.

chris ash.jpg

There’s also this sport called hockey that’s great and maybe I’ll write about baseball too after I come to terms with the phrase “World Series Champion Cleveland Indians.”

So anyway, it’s a pleasure to be on board here at The PUP List and I look forward to adding #content and bloggage to this wonderful website.


“choppens” with the Deez Nuts guy…ps he had to pay him $5 to take this pic

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