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Turns Out Ken Bone is a Weird Reddit Guy…America is Not Shocked

ken bone krabs.jpg

By: Nick Boeing

By now, everyone knows who Ken Bone is. He took the world by storm in a red sweater and the best interests of Americans in his heart.

Unfortunately for my boi Ken, the fame has gone to his head and he decided to do a Reddit AMA last night with an account that he’s apparently been using for years. Bad call, Kenny.

*see everything that was unearthed here*

Ken loves his porn pages. I am in no way shocked by this. You can’t tell me you saw him for the first time and didn’t think that Kenneth Bone from Granite City, Illinois wasn’t a bit of a sick puppy.

jonah hill.gif

We got porn, we got racially charged shootings that he feels were justified, we got felony insurance fraud and, lastly, we got vasectomies. Ken’s swimmers swim no more. Sorry ladies, but the legend will no longer ripen your fruit with his seed to carry on the Bone name.

No; The Bone Zone loves his post-vasectomy life. Just Mr. and Mrs. Bone going balls to the wall with an increase in ‘sexual satisfaction.’ In fact, he recommends it. Just when you thought Ken was gonna be having kids left and right with a million different broads, he may have actually just helped overpopulation. I sure did listen. Procedure’s next Wednesday.

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