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Dugan’s Deliberations: NFL Week 6 in Review, The Panthers Messed Up

By: Tyler Dugan

It’s been a brutal week of school folks. Sorry for such a late post. Here are some thoughts.

Bengals v. Patriots

This was a slow painful death game. It was like the Bengals were in the game the whole time, then they slowly just died off. The Pats just beat you down. Hammer you. No one really anticipated the Bengals winning this game, but in the 3rd quarter you started to think they had a chance. Then the usual happened, and they began to shit the bed.

shit the bed.gif

I think people need to start to realize that Andy Dalton is pretty fricken good, and is the only true reason we are in games. The offensive line is terrible, the running game just doesn’t exist, he is playing with two new tight ends and two new receivers. His only familiar target gets quadruple teamed the entire game. It’s starting to become painful. This team has some serious issues. They handed the Patriots 2 of their touchdown drives. Third and very long, and we get two holding penalties that are automatic first downs. Just simply can’t do that shit. Can’t happen. The schedule starts to ease up, hopefully the team can figure it out.

49ers v. Bills

The who cares game of the week. These teams suck. Yeah the Bills’ record is good now, but that will not stand. Complete ass kicking. But no one really cares, these teams suck, move on.

Eagles v. Redskins

Low key a huge game we had on our hands here. Eagles falling down to reality, Kirk is back in “you like that” form. Not really sure what to make of either of these teams. But, I just got a weird feeling the ‘Skins are going to slide into the playoffs and lose in the first round again.


Giants v. Ravens

My Super Bowl pick stays alive! I’m telling ya, don’t let Eli hang around! This was a weird, weird game. Odell just did his thing in the end. The refs call dumbass penalties, that pass interference call to give the Ravens the ball near the goal line was brutal. Absolutely brutal. Go Giants #TeamEli


Panthers v. Saints

Is it time for the Panthers to press the panic button?!?! 1 and 5!! Wait, not paying one of the better corners in the league is backfiring?

josh norm.jpg

It baffles me how many teams think they can just get rid of good players, and think newer cheaper, less talented guys will be able to fill the void just as well. Brandin Cooks shredded the Panthers secondary, gotta say, that probably doesn’t happen with Josh Norman. Oh, and the Panthers have no running game. Teams figured it out, contain Cam and you won’t get hurt that bad. You aren’t going to be good for very long with the threats they have. P.S. Drew Brees is stupid good.

Dolphins v. Steelers

Finding out Ben hurt his knee was like Christmas morning to me.

I know it sounds terrible to root for player injuries, but he is one of the select few I root for when it comes to injuries. Just that big fat blob of grossness deserves the worst. I hope he comes back the week they play the Bengals and ‘Taze twists that shit again. I wish evil upon that fat ass. With that being said, low key a huge loss for Pitt for the Bengals sake. Keeps things realistic. (Side note: I know Ben is going to come back like 3 weeks earlier than expected and somehow dominate on one knee, but a man can dream.)Chiefs v. Raiders

I took the Chiefs this week. Outside of betting on Eddie O and the LSU Tigers every week, this has been my lock. It’s talked about every year on TV and what not, and some how people still just don’t get it/bet it. Andy Reid off of byes is automatic. AUTOMATIC. Lock up 1 win a year. He refuses to lose this, and he will cover every single year. I’m such a huge advocate of this. It’s also cool to see Spencer Ware still dominate. The Cincinnati product, who like was suppose to go to Elder? (*editor’s note, he saw Mark Miller and knew he could never win the job). Idk I heard some rumor about that years ago, but either way, he went to Princeton and was the best athlete to go through there, besides Robert Meniac. I have him on my fantasy team but refuse to play him for some reason, and he proves me wrong every week.

Falcons v. Seahawks

Atlanta got robbbbbbbbbed. Just an obvious PI on Richard Sherman at the end there.

Just so you all know, this is the beginning of the Atlanta down fall. They are going to start dying off verrrrrrry quickly, mark it down.

That’s it, sorry for the late post. Like I said long week of school, no excuses tho, champions overcome. See you next week, unless if the Bengals lose to the fucking Browns because I will jump off a bridge.


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