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Who Should Reds Fans Be Rooting For in The World Series?

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By: Tyler Dugan

One of my good friends, Private Ben Hayhow, asked this question: As Reds fans, who should we be rooting for in this World Series? Pretty interesting. Two unbelievable story lines, one division rival and one team from our rival shit hole city, Cleveland. Truly no perfect answer to this question. I think it depends on taste.

*editor’s note, I happened to throw this question up in the form of a poll without even knowing about Hayhow’s question, s/o to him for the PUP support and his service. ps, it’s CLOSE*

On one side, you got the young Cubbies from the sausage capital of the world. Haven’t won since 1908, in case you haven’t heard.


They were anticipated to be the best team in the MLB going into this year, and they lived up to the hype. Although nobody really expected players like Javy Baez and Kyle Hendricks to partly lead the charge, they did expect the Cubs to be here.

They have dealt with the pressure of being ‘The Team,’ the pressure of an entire city and the pressure of a 100 year curse…it’s a lot. So, if you want to root for the Cubs, is it because you want to see a curse end? Were you a fan of the Red Sox in ’04? It is going to be a wild scene in Wrigleyville, absolutely wild if they win. People will be naked.



However, that’s a very real “if” after last night when Kluber was truly out of his mind on the mound. The juju can all be offset if Arrieta deals tonight, which is extremely possible.

*editor’s question: should Reds fans root for an epic Cubs collapse that legendarily rattles the franchise and forces trades? That’s about the only way Chicago doesn’t whoop our ass for like a straight decade. That’s a hot one, don’t blame it on Dugs. – Alex*

But back to the question, the other side of the spectrum is Cleveland. The Indians have been remarkable. Made it to the World Series without their top two starters (Danny Salazar & Carlos Carrasco) and arguably their best hitter (Michael Brantley). Pretty impressive.


Outrageous that they are here. Andrew Miller has a rubber arm, and he’s a freak. Tito Francona manages like boss, pulls starters after three innings and rolls with his pen. I love it, just straight manages to win.

So as a Reds fan, who do you take? Root for Cleveland and allow Cincy to truly become the scum of Ohio? Or the Cubbies, the division rival? So hard to choose.

I’m still torn. In the end, I think I’m pulling for the Cubbies. Their players are too fun, and Cleveland ran the whole “Cavs in 7” into the ground. So, go Cubs go. Theo Epstein is a wizard, Rizzo hits ding dongs and Bryant is a beast. Javy drips in swag, and Schwarber is BACK.

He tore is leg in 5,000 places, and came back for the World Series. Marbles. LORD, I am so pumped for him. I literally cannot wait until he hits a ball to the damn moon. #IUbase.

(P.S. not sure when it will be posted, if this isn’t up by game one and he goes yack on his first PA, SMD…*editor’s note, almost fam, respect the hustle).

In all honesty, I love the way each team plays, the cities ruin it, but…

“Hey Chicago whadddya say, Cubs are going to win today, GO CUBS GO.”

cubs fan.gif


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