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Conspiracy Corner: So…What Was Up With That Rain Delay?


By: Alex Marcheschi

Wow, what a World Series Game 7. Probably one of the best sporting events ever. America’s past time is back! That game had everything you could ever dream of: crazy pitching changes, dramatic swings in momentum, homers, very respectable celebrities in the crowd, amazing plays in the field, extra innings and…a rain delay before the top of the 10th when all the momentum was in Cleveland’s favor!?!


I mean, yes it was raining decently hard. But, not hard enough to tarp the field in extras of Game 7 of the World Series. Since the national media won’t report on this, the world is turning to The PUP List to strap on its investigative goggles, and we won’t ignore your wishes. Ladies and gentleman, get ready for a #deepdive.


For starters, when is the last time you watched an MLB game that had about a 15 minute rain delay? History says you play through that. Ridiculous to stop the game, especially in extras of game seven of the World Series. Rob Manfred must have Roger Goodell on the bat phone, because that delay had Super Bowl XLVII power outage vibes out the ass.

bat phone.gif

Speaking of Super Bowl XLVII, let’s hop in the time machine:

The year is 2013 and the Super Bowl is beginning to look like a blow out, the ratings are about to take a serious dip and the advertisers are going to be PISSED. How can the NFL address this problem? Simple answer: pull the plug. 

(ps, you’ll have to watch this on YouTube, but it’s worth it – when the only Harbaugh who’s ever actually won anything (John) predicts that kick return, it’s one of the more underrated predictions in sports history)

That game was on the fast track to becoming a shit show before the power went out. Jacoby Jones housed the opening kickoff in the second half and made the score 28-6 with 14:49 left to play in the third quarter. That’s a blowout, one more Ravens score and many Americans outside of the San Fran/Baltimore area turn that game off. That means way less eyes see the commercials, and advertisers were going to want Goodell’s head on a silver platter.

Elite corporate minds work in dirty ways, most people wouldn’t even be capable of thinking about pulling the plug on the Super Bowl. But, we’re talking about the NFL here…the same people who essentially steal money under the guise of supporting breast cancer.

The power magically went out, and the outage drained the Ravens’ momentum from the dome. It gave the 9ers some time to recoup, and they came back. Wow, what a coincidence. The final score was 34-31 Ravens and every American with access to the Internet tuned into the game when news of the power outage went viral on Twitter. Genius. You can believe that power outage occurred naturally, but one could arguably call you a #sheeple for doing so.

Anyway, a very similar thing happened last night. The Indians scored three runs in the bottom of the eighth to tie the game and Progressive Field was ROCKING. Lindor made an amazing play to close out the top of the ninth and Cleveland morphed into a legit broad scale mosh pit:

The facts are that there was infinitely more money on the line for the MLB if the Cubs won. The story is 1,000 times better…Cubs breaking the curse AND coming back from being down 3-1? C’mon now. That may be hard for Indians fans to hear, but it’s true.

The MLB is higher than it’s ever been since the steroid era right now and they’re printing money. That wouldn’t necessarily be happening if Cleveland won. We tweeted this weather report as the rain started to fall, yes it was coming down, but it was also very clear that the heavy stuff wasn’t coming for a while. There is a very real argument that stopping the game at that point in the game gave a distinct advantage to the Cubs, hard to argue that Cleveland benefited in any way from it.

Obviously the Indians could have still won after the delay, but it allowed the Cubs to go back into the locker room and throw some coal into the steam engine of the hype train. On the other hand, the Cleveland fans were forced to sit there in the rain doing nothing as they put their shirts back on and got cold in the wet November air. It gave Heyward the opportunity to do his best Jameis impersonation. Momentum killed, advantage Cubbies.

We all saw what happened after the delay. Maddon was about to get decapitated after those wild coaching decisions, the Cubs were doubting themselves and the delay gave them just enough time to regroup. That’s my argument. Now…

I understand rooting against Cleveland as a Cincinnati fan, but as the old saying goes, “don’t let jealousy fool you, it’s just another name for insecurity.” Only in Cincinnati would you find substantial amounts of people pulling for a division foe in the World Series who’s going to murk the Reds for a literal decade.

I need sports like I need oxygen, but I also need conspiracies and that one was served up too hot and ready for me to ignore. It was the perfect appetizer for the upcoming election.

flame thrower.gif

*Extra tidbit: At the very least, the delay gave just enough time for everyone to text their friends and tell them to turn the game on if they weren’t watching already.






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