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FBI Sources Say There’s a 99% Chance Hillary Got Hacked By Foreign Intelligence Agencies…Nice


“Hmmm…what else can I get away with? Maybe I’ll get a water cup at Chipotle and fill it with lemonade.” – Hillary

By: Ian Gunn

Fox News – Authorities now believe there is about a 99 percent chance that up to five foreign intelligence agencies may have accessed and taken emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server, two separate sources with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations told Fox News.

The revelation led House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul to describe Clinton’s handling of her email system during her tenure as secretary of state as “treason.”

“She exposed [information] to our enemies,” McCaul said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning. “Our adversaries have this very sensitive information. … In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason.”

McCaul, R-Texas, said that FBI Director James Comey told him previously that foreign adversaries likely had gotten into her server. When Comey publicly discussed the Clinton email case back in July, he also said that while there was no evidence hostile actors breached the server, it was “possible” they had gained access.

Clinton herself later pushed back, saying the director was merely “speculating.”

A couple thoughts…

1. Why would you need a separate sever anyway? (No, seriously, if someone could answer this that would be great, I just don’t understand that. I’m starting to believe it’s so she could cut deals under the radar with foreign governments to help the campaign. Shady.)


2. Hypothetical: If your other private server you do ‘bidness’ on is hacked, and foreign intelligence gets a hold of the very classified information on said server, and you happen to be the Secretary of State…you are now a criminal, and you have committed treason, by any standard.

The amount of federal crimes she may have committed could be staggering. The thing is, just because Trump is the opponent, people are just willing to let this go? This seems bananas to me, absolutely wild, in no other circumstance would anyone ever let this big of a criminal near the White House, let alone lead our nation.


3. If this is all correct, then Trump wasn’t lying. The irony of that is laugh out loud funny.

4. If the Dems picked any other candidate vs. Trump, they would win in a landslide. If the Repubs picked any other candidate vs. Hillary they win in a landslide, BUT HERE WE ARE holy shit people we suckkkk.

5. I’d rather vote for the guy who has said terrible terrible things over the woman LITERALLY being investigated for federal crimes and treason against our country. And you can’t spin zone this into any rational explanation for Hillary’s sake, unless she comes out completely clean on the other side, which isn’t looking likely.

But even if she does, I can’t ignore how shady this all looks. If I was being investigated for a federal crime my entire reputation would be ruined for the rest of my life, guilty or not. Why does she get such a huge pass? I just don’t get it. (Maybe it’s my simple brain, as Hillary supporters will say, as they look down on me and all us other simpletons, sniffing their own shit…wafting in the smell of roses and a good bourbon…idk)

And I’m not trying to think like a hardcore Cincinnati conservative (which I’m not) either. I’m just thinking logically here, even though this country illogically put these two people in front of me. I have to make a choice that best suits the needs for my future, and I don’t think a person willing to just give up our national security like that falls in line with my ideals.

6. Hillary was super pumped that the Cubbies won the World Series, I bet Cleveland isn’t too happy about that. Is Ohio even a swing state anymore???

hillary lol.gif

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