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Dear Trump Protesters: It’s Time to Grow Up


By: Ian

Hillary lost, fair and square.

Yet you hit the streets, burn flags and protest that you lost? Not only does this not make sense, it’s petulant. Grow up. Not only are you just making yourselves look terrible, you’re too idiotic to realize this is the exact reason Trump won.

The silent majority is sick and tired of being told they are wrong. They are sick and tired of being told they are racists, sexists and ignorant hicks. The cockiness behind your entire campaign is exactly what bit you in the ass. So instead of learning from it, your head got bigger and you hit the streets to say that this isn’t fair? To top it off, you aren’t even offering any solutions, you’re just saying this is unfair.

You are literally protesting democracy, and I guess that’s what we get for giving trophies to last place for an entire generation.

This is nothing short of a giant temper tantrum, the DNC platform was built on conducting themselves in the exact opposite manner it is now acting in since the fallout of all of this. The hypocrisy is astounding, it’s mind boggling, and the worst part of it all is that you truly believed that you deserve this. You think you’re better than everyone else for no reason whatsoever.

This explains why you think you can protest and burn flags thinking the country will say “Oh, okay! We’re soooorrrrryyy, we didn’t know you guys wanted it this badly. Here lets just give it to you because you complained enough!” That’s not how this works, that’s not how anything in the world works. The quicker you learn this, the better off you are.

I hate that this is what the country is coming too. Because I know damn well if Trump had lost, the vast majority would have congratulated Hillary on a good race and went on their way, no uprising, no protests, no flames, no issues.

I’m seeing so many people saying “we need to get rid of the electoral college” which is laugh out loud funny to me. That’s literally the “if we had different refs, we win that game” excuse, and do you know what we call a person who makes many excuses instead of owning up to defeat? Salty.

If you want to protest, look in your own backyard. Maybe you should protest the DNC for why you lost this election. Your own arrogance is why you lost, the blame is a lot closer to home than you think. First step is admitting you’re in denial.

So, protesters all over the country, I’m going to tell you something that is important to learn as soon as you can. I know you were pampered your whole life but these next words are very, very important: No one feels sorry for you.

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