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REPORT: Trump to Appoint Lawrence Taylor as Secretary of Defense


By: Alex Marcheschi

As reported by The New York Times today, Facebook and Google will begin cracking down on websites that produce “fake” news articles after many of your aunts and former teachers who just recently joined Facebook are tired of getting duped online.

It’s times like these when the public needs news outlets like The PUP List the most. Proper journalism is what keeps this country in check, and without it, the citizens of our great nation could suffer greatly.

Our DC bureau is hearing that President-elect Donald Trump is heavily leaning toward appointing former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor as his Secretary of Defense.

“Look, Lawrence understands the ins and outs of defense better than any person I’ve ever met. He has two Super Bowl rings, and I have immense respect for winners,” Trump said in a Snapchat message. “Plus, his morals are A+ and he has always been extremely complimentary of my golf courses in the tri-state area, which are definitely better than public courses and worth the membership fee for sure. Also, it’s good for diversity and stuff like that.”

This news doesn’t come as a surprise as Trump has always been very outspoken about valuing winners. Please remember to always check for all of the hard-hitting, trustworthy reporting you can handle.


Our DC bureau can also report that Trump is leaning toward making Richard Simmons his Secretary of Energy, a pregnant woman as his Secretary of Labor and 14-year NFL journeyman Terrance Newman as his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

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