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Is There a Drake v Chance Beef Brewing?


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By: Alex Marcheschi

There are many things that I’m embarrassed about in this life. I can’t make contact with a wiffle ball using one of those skinny yellow bats. I don’t like the taste of IPAs. I’m afraid of most dogs. And last, but not least, I am a huge fan of Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s music. I think he sucks as a person, but I can’t deny that he pumps out hits like a young Pete Rose. This is why when I listened to a Drake song from 2014 a few weeks ago, my ears perked up as I heard him take a shot at one of the fastest rising music stars on earth: Chance The Rapper.

The song I heard was “Draft Day,” which was written in the prime of Drake’s Johnny Manziel fandom. Here is the song, and the specific lyrics are pasted below.

And if I left shit to chance I would’ve picked a name like Chance the Rapper
No offense cause I don’t know that nigga
I’m focused on makin’ records and gettin’ bigger
Just hits, no misses, that’s for the married folk

This was in 2014, after Chance released his hit mixtape “Acid Raps” and before his most recent album, “Coloring Book,” which vaulted him into the superstar realm. Recently we’ve seen Chance work with many big names in hip-hop: Kanye, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Action Bronson, Jay Electronica, Young Thug, Quavo, he’s friends with Jay-Z…but no Drake collaborations. Seems a little strange considering that both Chance and Drake are big fans of dropping feature verses.


Then there’s the fact that Drake started using one of Chance’s favorite terms, “a goofy”, recently. According to Urban Dictionary, “a goofy” is “a person who does dumb things and isn’t right with another person.” But, just from listening to Chance’s music, it seems as though “a goofy” is simply a disingenuous person who tries juuust a little too hard to be cool. Sound familiar?

So why does this “a goofy” term matter? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a listen to one of Drake’s latest hits, “Hype.” The only recording of this song on YouTube is from his live SNL Performance, so that will have to do. All you have to do is listen to the first minute and ten seconds of the performance to catch his Chance disses.

Did you hear that? Let’s take a look at these lyrics:

I hate a rapper especially
They feel the same but they hide it
They just discuss it in private
Don’t get along man, we tried it
What’s the point in even trying
I hate a goofy especially
They always dying to mention me
They gotta die out eventually

“I hate a rapper especially” and “I hate a goofy especially”…hmmm. Seems too coincidental to say both of those things right after each other. By listening to those lines, one could surmise that Drake has heard that Chance talks shit about him on the DL. But, is that true?

The short answer is yes, probably. Let’s take a look at the song “Mixtape” off of Chance’s latest album.

Great song, but where’s the Drake diss? I think the title of this song alone might be a little shot at Drake, simply because he too rose to fame off of a mixtape, but abandoned the format as soon as he realized he could make big money with labels. Keep in mind that Drake has been known to call himself a “boss“.

How can they call themselves bosses
When they got so many bosses
You gotta see what your boss say
I get it straight out the faucet
I ain’t felt like this since the third drought, third carter drop

If that’s not a “sneak diss” to Drake, then I don’t know what is. Chance is clearly calling Drake out for referring to himself a “boss” even though Drake has to answer to many bosses. Chance is famous for refusing to sign with a label, he even turned down Kanye. And then he ties it all up by referencing Drake’s mentor, Lil Wayne, and his best studio album.

In summation, what I’m trying to say is keep your eyes peeled for this beef to rear it’s ugly head sometime soon. Drake is clearly bored with his Meek beef after it became a widely accepted fact that he killed Meek. However, he did realize that there’s big money in beefs, and if he were to go at Chance, that would pretty much shut down the internet.

Aubrey is beginning to align himself with the most hardcore rappers out right now, like 21 Savage, while Chance is aiming to bring a lighthearted element of fun to rap that has been sorely missing for years.

It seems as if we may be gearing up for an arms race in hip hop, and people are beginning to take sides. To send us out, let’s have a listen to one of Drake’s more recent songs, entitled “Sneakin'”, with the aforementioned 21 Savage…interesting title, no? The entire song is about how Drake actually doesn’t have any bosses and it seems to riddled with subtle Chance shots yet again.

Strap in fam, things could get messy here.

chance weezy.gif


Chance just covered Drake’s hit “Feel No Ways” today…listen to the song in its entirety, especially the end when Chance starts freestyling






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