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Tommy Tuberville is the Biggest Idiot in Cincinnati, And That’s Saying Something

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By: Tyler Dugan

Well, Tommy Tuberville has begun to call out the media and bloggers, and since I write blogs every once in a while for fun, I thought I should respond. So here it is…

This guy is a moron, get used that phrase because I may use it 27,000 times throughout this post. He is delusional at this point, I’m actually starting to feel bad for him because I think he genuinely believes the media is in part to blame.

So, let’s start from the top. The Tubs criticism really started to take heat after the whole quarterback situation went down. I actually was fine with starting the year out with Hayden Moore. We saw Hayden a little bit last year, I had no problem with them giving him the job if they truly thought he was deserving of it. The issue came long after.

Hayden didn’t start the year off very hot. Struggled greatly and had an injury, and after that they brought it Ross (I don’t even know his last name). Insert problem. This made zero sense. It was clear the whole time that Gunner was the most talented QB on the roster, he had issues in the off season, he got past them, and he should’ve been brought in right there. Instead they would get down 25, then bring Gunner in during garbage time. Weird move, never made any sense. From the start. Then the line of delusional comments began.

First he said (I am paraphrasing/summarizing) that fans should be booing offensive coordinator Zach Taylor at games about the QB situation because he is the one who is making the QB decision. So, Tubs and Jason Garrett are the only head coaches in history who don’t have final say on who is playing QB.

Jason Garrett

Then it gets worse. Recently he said that the program is better now than it was before he got here. I am on record saying that this the most delusional comment of all time, and I am standing by it. Truly a delusional thought. Down to its core.

Now for the cherry on top, Tuberville came out last week and blamed the media for the team’s struggles, and also said the media needs to be more positive because it hurts recruiting.

Excuse my language, but what the fuck is that? First, the media isn’t the reason your team is struggling dude, your team hasn’t scored a God damn touchdown in 3 games, that ain’t Lance McAlisters fault. Secondly, the media is hurting recruiting? I’m sorry, was it the media’s job to enhance recruiting? Does he bring up Mo Egger’s radio show when he is on road trips recruiting? No, whats hurting recruiting is your team sucks. Tommy also came out and said that people are talking bad about him because his team is struggling offensively. He also brought up that his team was #1 offensive team in the conference last year, but people aren’t talking about that. Oh, and lets not forget the fact that Tommy also told a fan to “get a job” and “go to hell” following a loss.

So, let’s pick this apart one by one. Again Tommy blaming the offensive coordinator for the QB situation is the most cowardly move of all time. Flat out joke. You are the man Tommy, you are telling me that the head coach making 2.2 million dollars isn’t deciding who the starting quarterback is? He is the 44th highest paid coach in the country, and the highest paid coach in the AAC. But he isn’t making the decision on the starting quarterback? Get out of town.

Now to the part where he said the program is better now than it was before he got here. Now, let’s cut him some slack. He is partly right. The stadium has never been better, the facilities have never been better, the teams? Those have been much much better. I decided to go back 10 years from now, to the 06-07 season. Team went 8-5 (in a much better conference) under Mark Dantonio. 07-08 they went 10-3 in Brian Kelly’s first season. 08-09 they won 11 games and went to a BCS bowl. 09-10 they peaked, my favorite season as an overall sports fan. Out of all the teams/years I have rooted for teams, this was the most fun I have ever had being a fan. They went undefeated in the regular season going 12-0, were a Nebraska collapse from going to the National Title game, the season ended in a bad loss to Florida after Brian Kelly left the team 10 days before the game, but the overall season was amazing. 10-11 was a rough year, Zach Collaros got hurt and the team went 4-8 in Butch Jones’ first year. In 11-12 they went 10-3, and were extremely close to heading back to a BCS bowl. 12-13 team went 10-3 again.

Then good ol Tommy T came in and the program has gone to shit. 9-4 in his first year, got hammered in the bowl game to North Carolina. 9-4 the next year, and again got drilled in the bowl game to Va Tech. Last year 7-6 got leveled by San Diego St in the bowl.


Now this year, on top of the idiot comments made by grandpa Tommy, the team is 4-7 this year with the latest debacle losing to Memphis 34-7…at home…. on senior night. The guy’s is a clown.

So Tommy, here is my genuine advice to you buddy. Leave. Get out while you can. You are residing in a very unhappy city. I don’t like you, the city doesn’t like you, and when you blame your teams 4-7 record, and consistent decline on the media, it is truly time to go.

The Reds are bad, the Bengals are bad (and everyone wants that coach fired as well), people are tired of losing, so just get out. Take your buyout, and go chill on a beach in Florida.

Also, future advice to the next UC coach:

1. Don’t tell fans to go to hell, and get a job, when your team is God awful. If we are 12-0, no one would give 2 shits. You think Huggins didn’t do shit like this? Of course not, but his teams were good so no one cared. (Except Nancy Zimpher)

2. Don’t blame the media for sucking. If the team stinks its your fault, not anyone else.

3. Don’t constantly look confused on the side lines. Is Cincinnati (the city, as a whole) ever going to get a coach that doesn’t look like a deer in headlights when shit goes wrong? If anyone throws a match-up zone at Mick, you can throw the 2 offensive plays we do have out the window, and blame the game on toughness right there. If the Pirates pinch hit a lefty in the 9th, can our coach just at least act like he maybe saw that coming, rather than looking like he just shit himself. When our players throw a god damn temper tantrum on the field in the middle of a playoff game can our coach take control of the situation rather than just sitting there with his hands on his knees? They always just look out of it. They always look fooled. Its mind boggling.

So that’s what I got. Tommy, you sorta called me out, so there is my response to you.

P.S. The Pup List has a podcast you are more than welcome to come on. Open invite TT. You wanna give your side, you got an open mic.

2nd P.S. Shoutout to TT for coaching one of the G.O.A.T college back fields. 2004 Auburn Tigers, Jason Cambell, Cadillac Williams, and Ronnie Brown. Find me a more iconic trio….

And for the grand finale, ole Tommy said this this week. What. An. Idiot.

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