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The College Football Playoff Committee Needs to Figure It Out

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By: Tyler Dugan

Welp the most controversial sports moment of the year came on Sunday. The announcement of the 4 teams in the College Football Playoff. This is truly one of the most flawed systems of all time. The fact that they just let 12 people decide this is insanity to me. It is even more insane that the people change all the time, and there are no guidelines around it. They just rank them. I don’t understand it all.

Two years ago Ohio State got in over TCU strictly because they won the Big Ten title. TCU had better wins all year long and not nearly as bad of a loss, but they got left out because the Big 12 has no conference title. Which is fine by me, that seemed to be a major standard for the CFP. You have to win your conference.

Now this year rolls around. Obviously the Big Ten was the best conference all year long. Multiple teams ranked in the top 10 all year, and most would say that Ohio State is the best team in that conference. I would be very hard pressed to find an argument against that. But they didn’t win the conference. Penn State upset them and went on to win the conference. So why didn’t they get in? Based on the criteria given 2 years ago Penn State should be in the playoff.

Here lies the issue with the College Football Playoff. No one has any damn clue what is going to happen. Why? Well that’s easy, they have no set of guidelines. No rules are established, there isn’t even a guide to show us how they base it. It is strictly their minds and eyes. Second, the damn committee changes every year!!

(Condi is a staple though)

The committee is different from where it was 2 years ago. There are 7 members that were on past committees that aren’t on this years’. So how the hell is any team supposed to know what to do? Now it’s easy. You go undefeated…. unless your Western Michigan of course (lol). Now, I don’t feel one lick of sorrow for the stupid ass Big 12 because they could have chosen to expand and tried to fix this issue and have an actual championship but they waved bye bye to that, so I hope they get screwed every single year because of it.

But these people have no clue what standards are being set for these teams. Is it the best team? Is it the teams that win the conference? Which is it? Because it sounds to me like it’s a little bit of both.

Best teams in the country? I’m having a hard time keeping Clemson and Washington in there. No one in America can look me straight in the eye and tell me that USC and Michigan aren’t better than both of those teams. Since the QB change USC has been dominant, and they thoroughly dominated Washington at Washington. Michigan was a close/controversial double OT loss to the Bucks on the road from being right here. They beat Penn St by a million, they dominated Wisconsin. So they should be in. But they’re telling me Clemson, who got beyond lucky vs NC State and Louisville, and then topped it off with a loss vs Pitt is better? Or Washington, who got mauled by USC is better? If you are putting the 4 best teams in the playoff. Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, and USC are those four best teams. With Oklahoma creeping up behind them.


Or are they deciding based on conference titles? Because in that case Penn State should be in over OSU, just like Ohio State got in over TCU 2 years ago. Penn State won head to head, and went on to win the conference. Do conference championships matter? Because if they don’t, how in the hell are Clemson and Washington in?

The system is flawed. Majorly flawed. They need to find standards and stick with them. Because if winning the conference championships matter so much, then why would you play a hard non conference schedule? Or if conference championships don’t matter, then load up the schedule. Play the best and then the losses you have don’t matter. Either way, they need to make up their damn mind.

If they aren’t going to set standards, they need to change the playoff to 8. The 4 major conference champions (Big 10, SEC, PAC 12, ACC). Then 4 at large spots.

If not, you’re going to find the same annoying shit every year.

You will have OSU fans contradicting themselves every second because they find the argument that best fits them. Which is completely reasonable, but extremely annoying. 2 years ago, it was, “well they just won the B1G!!” “We haven’t really beaten many good teams all year but we won the B1G, that should get us in”

This year we hear “Well we didn’t win the B1G, but we beat a ton of good teams” (kind of like TCU in ’14) Again, I would do the same thing if I were them, unfortunately the two teams I root for are searching for new coaches so it looks like it will be awhile for me. We also see people like Danny Kannell pulling tweets from Urban Meyer in 2006.

Like no shit he said that Danny. He was going to say whatever got his team in the championship at that time. Plus, it’s a whole different system. The SEC was by far the best conference for like 10 years, so yeah he was going to say things about winning the conference. Quit being a troll.

Now that the rants over I’ll give my predictions.

Washington vs. Bama:


56-7 Bama. I have zero respect for Washington. I don’t think they are any good. Bama did mean things to USC who mauled Washington (I get it, USC is different now but still). Washingtons O line is bad. Bama’s front 7 is freaky. Jalen Hurts is so damn good, I just can’t imagine Washington keeping this close.

OSU vs. Clemson:

OSU 24-20. I have no clue who to pick in this game, but my sports life rarely works out in ways I like it, so I’ll pick OSU to win. I truly don’t think Clemson is that good, but OSU not being able to throw it down field will keep Clemson in the game. It will be a solid game, OSU gets a late score and wins it.

Bama vs. OSU:


Bama 38-14. “Dude everyone said this 2 years ago about OSU look what they did. Yeah, I know people. They shocked the world. They also had, Zeke Elliot, Joey Bosa, Jalin Marshall, Michael Thomas, among others. Do they have good players? Yes they do.

What’s different from this year and that year? 1. Jalen Hurts is 25x the player Blake Sims ever was. It’s not close. 2. Ohio State can’t complete passes further than 15 yards. That’s a bad recipe to have when playing a Nick Saban defense. He is going to load the box and make JT Barrett make throws. I simply don’t see that happening.  He couldn’t do that vs. Michigan, and if Michigan doesn’t turn the ball over in their own territory, I don’t see Ohio State scoring. But who knows, I will probably look like an idiot, JT Barrett will throw for 500 yards in both games, and OSU will beat Washington to win the national title.

Last note: Bowl game of the year is the Las Vegas bowl. San Diego St vs. Houston. Saturday December 17th. Donnel Pumphrey vs. Greg Ward. Buckle up.

Stay tuned folks. A full college football bowl pick’em will be coming out. (And it will be better than ESPN’s.)

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