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Report: Study Finds Trump is Technically Blacker than Obama

By: Alex Marcheschi

A groundbreaking study conducted by the Pew Research Center has determined that, technically speaking, Donald Trump is actually blacker than President Obama. The study is based upon the only metric that truly measures how black someone is: rap song references.

On August 20 2015, The Huffington Post published this article documenting the “67 Times Rappers Name Dropped ‘Donald Trump’.” The article opened many eyes as it proclaimed Trump to be “the 50 Cent of the Republican Party.” And this was before anyone actually took him seriously as a presidential candidate.

The number of Trump references in rap songs has only increased now, and many of the lyrics are derogatory, but beefs are at the heart of hip-hop. In fact, beefs are the lifeblood of the rap game and Trump is more prevalent now than ever.

He has now been mentioned in more rap songs than Obama, thus making him the soon to be second black president of the United States. Obama is reportedly demanding to see a birth certificate. Those who are plugged into the the hip hop community saw this coming as early as 2012 when The Guardian published an article entitled “How hip-hop fell out of love with Obama.

The one saving grace for Obama may be the age old “quality over quantity” argument. While Trump has him far outnumbered when it comes to name drops, Young Jeezy did put out the all time classic “My President” after Obama’s inauguration. The song proclaims “my president is black, my Lambo’s blue and I’ll be God-damned if my rims ain’t too.” True genius.

However, although that Jeezy song was nice, black Comedian Mike Yard is on record telling Larry Wilmore that Trump is “90s hip hop all day.” Trump has also been photographed with many big hitters in the rap industry, as shown below:

trump odd future.jpg

trump lil jon.jpg

trump russell.jpg

snoop trump.jpg

trump rev run.jpg

This is all while Obama stays taking pictures with the whitest people on earth:

obama bruce.jpg

obama bieber.jpg

peyton obama.jpg

buster posey obama.jpg

This may be shocking news to some, but it is truly a powerful moment for our country as the “silent majority” are now being blindsided by the fact that they actually elected another black guy.

“I guess this means racism is actually dead,” said Cindy McCooper, an Indiana native. “All this time I thought I was voting for a rich white guy, and now I find out that I actually elected a black guy who’s gone bankrupt a shitload of times? Life comes at you fast.”














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