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Bengals Record 38 Total Second Half Yards, Blow Game to Steelers

By: Alex Marcheschi

There are bad ways to lose a football game, and then there’s recording 38 total yards and 0 points in the second half of a game and blowing a 20-9 halftime lead. It genuinely looked like Marvin went into the half extremely content and simply relaxed with a cup of hot chocolate during the break. Meanwhile, Tomlin and his staff of actual professional NFL coaches gameplanned for the second half and ran circles around the Bengals because of it.


It’s gotten to the point where the defense is so out of control that the refs don’t even respect them as a unit, the only time they get a call is on an egregious play. Can’t blame the refs either, how are you supposed to respect people who don’t listen to you?

Jeremy did this after he scored a TD in the first half:

And as soon as I saw that, I knew the game was over. Classic Bengals celebrating to soon, you’d think they would’ve learned after last year’s playoff game. After Hill did that, the Steelers defense went for his knees on every single play and he got dinged up. You have to see that coming man, come on.

Another brutal loss for Bengals fan, and the sad thing is Marvin will probably still be back next year and we’ll continue to live the Groundhog Day life that we live as fans of Mike Brown’s team.

p.s. I’m very tired of Mike Tomlin stomping on our graves

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