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Explaining the OhVarsity! Beef and Why It’s Dumb To Hate OSU as a UC Fan

By: Alex Marcheschi

Yesterday, UC head football coach Luke Fickell landed a great recruit in LaSalle’s Jarell White, the 22nd best running back in the country and 11th best prospect in Ohio. The news caused me to fire off this tweet:

Obviously this is an aggressively worded tweet. Yes, I do think UC fans who hate OSU are idiots, but I could have said it much nicer. So why do it? Because we have under 400 followers and when you don’t have a giant audience, you have to pipe things up a little bit to get traction so you’re not shouting into the void.

In the back of my mind, when I tweeted that, I knew the popular UC blog OhVarsity! followed us. I also knew that he was being a pretty huge asshole about the OSU shutout on New Year’s Eve:

And then came the straw that broke the camel’s back, a #tbt post on a Saturday. Classic joke:

I meme’d him as you can see above, but alas, no response from Mr. OhVarsity! I was hungry for a reply that night, and when I didn’t get one it left me famished and I decided that I would have to wait for the right moment to strike with an earth-shattering subtweet.

Jarell White’s commitment was that moment.

But let me set the table first.

I am a rare unicorn fan of both UC and OSU…I know right, how douchey of me? It makes a bunch of sense to hate OSU as a UC fan because…actually wait, it makes zero sense.

In my mind, there’s no reason a UC account like OhVarsity! should shit on Ohio State. There is no rivalry, and no one follows him to hear his takes on the Bucks…unless he thinks that there is a rivalry, then it would make sense, but he doesn’t:

By definition, he is now a Grade A Hater. Plain and simple.

OSU and UC aren’t rivals, as a sports institution OSU reigns over UC. UC is 100% the little brother. The Bearcats are in the AAC for Pete’s sake. The AAC. And I’m saying this as a diehard Bearcats fan. As a kid I was entranced by Maurice Clarett and I became a fan. Then my brother went there, I visited the campus, went to a game and was like yeah this place is unreal.

However, because of the cloud of Columbus jealousy that hangs over Clifton, I felt like I should almost keep my fandom on the DL. It sucks, in reality you should be able to openly root for the Bearcats and the Buckeyes in Cincinnati. It’s like having a favorite NFC team to go along with the Bengals. Obviously if they played each other I’d want UC to win, but they never play anymore. In fact, the last time they played, I wore a UC shirt in Columbus:

bearcats me.jpg

Obviously, I’m a ride or die Bearcats guy. But, I realize it’s possible to root for both teams, and that it would be beneficial to UC as an athletic institution to be on good terms with OSU. So when I decided to get after it with this blog, I chose to cover OSU, UC and OU. Screw it, the rivalries that “exist” between those schools are absurd.

When I saw that Fickell convinced a great running back to stay in Cincinnati the hypocrisy of the Ohio State haters became too much. Many Bearcats fans weren’t even that excited about the hire in the first place, and the OSU hate was at the heart of it.

Fickell ran one of the best defenses in the country under Urban Meyer, who is a UC grad himself. Within days of officially taking the job, Fickell snagged a hometown hero. Unreal. Someone who molded himself at Ohio State and learned from a living legend is doing great things for the Bearcats. Without Ohio State, this wouldn’t be happening. Jarell White wasn’t going to come here before Fickell brought an elite Ohio State pedigree to town:

When UC fans like OhVarsity! shit on Ohio State, it actually hurts the Bearcats because it would be beneficial to have a positive relationship with Ohio State. Imagine if Coombs and Urban threw Fickell their leftovers every now and then. The kids who aren’t necessarily good enough to go to OSU, but are still extremely good. The UC fan base’s stubborn hatred of OSU is a bad thing for the Bearcats.

That’s why I tweeted the aforementioned butthurt joke. To be clear, I’m saying that it’s irresponsible and shortsighted of OhVarsity! to shit on Ohio State, he influences fans and it hurts the program. This is where the feud begins, Mr. OhVarsity! quoted the butthurt tweet in hopes of airing me out to his army of delusional Bearcats fans:

Little did he know that I was purposely chumming the waters with that tweet so that I could write this very blog. That’s what we like to call Takeception.



Got him hook, line and sinker. We then proceeded to throw cyber punches at one another in what can only be described as a Twitter street fight:

b convo.jpg

I was ready to go all night baby, this is what I live for. He has nearly 2,400 followers and I need all the Cincinnati exposure I can get. Sadly, he stopped replying to me, but instead decided to air me out without @’ing me.

He sent out a handful of subtweets, but then hit me with the holy grail. Three separate screenshots with our name on full display to his followers, birthing me a new platform to write about how delusional UC fans who hate the Buckeyes are:

We got a solid amount of mentions out of it, I’ll spare you the cyber-bullying, but if you want to see it all, go ahead and follow us on Twitter @ThePUPListBlog. OhVarsity! lost that fight in a bloody knockout, he only thinks he won because all of his followers are crazy UC fans who blow sunshine up his ass. I was satisfied with the day, especially after gaining good exposure with an honest and correct take.

HOWEVER, former Ohio State captain Joe Burger took to Twitter a few hours later to praise Fickell and congratulate his fellow Lancer Jarell White on committing to UC:

It was a gift from the gods. And that, my friends, is exactly what you want to see as a Bearcats fan. A universally-loved player by all Buckeyes fans shouting out a coach who left and a player who isn’t going to his school, being an adult in a world of man-babies who can’t get over petty jealousy.

As I wrote when it happened, I genuinely believe Fickell is the best UC hire since Huggins. He landed a hometown stud within days of taking the job and it’s already showing signs of having a domino effect:

But, keep hating OSU all you butthurt UC fans, why not, ya know? It’s not like Urban is a Bearcat or anything. He probably wouldn’t help Fickell out anyway….

Sike, grow the fuck up.


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