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My Preseason Prediction on the Brandon Marshall & Antonio Brown Bet Was Not Good

By: JerryAnytime

I think it’s time for me to address how simply terrible I am at betting and making predictions. I used to think it’s just because I broke a mirror when I was like 11, but I now believe I may be the victim of some genuine black magic.

Before this NFL season started, I wrote a little article about how Brandon Marshall and Antonio Brown made a bet on who would have more receiving yards during the 2016 season. My prediction: Brandon Marshall puts up more receiving yards than AB this year. Marshall just got Fitzpatrick for another year, and I firmly believe that washed Big Ben is just a fat lumpy potato and is due for an off year.

If you watched any football this year, you now realize how fucking terrible of a prediction that was. Antonio had nearly double the amount of receiving yards in comparison to Marshall. He had double the receptions (124) in comparison to Marshall’s (59).

face palm.gif

Marshall went on Inside the NFL yesterday and this is what he said about the Jets season:

Fitzpatrick got benched and threw 9 interceptions in the matter of two weeks at one point. The Steelers made the playoffs.

My betting and genuine predictions have gotten me ostracized within our PUP List group chat. I’ve woken up to texts telling me to go fuck myself because I’ve made similar bets to some of our members that went particularly south.

When something starts going terribly wrong in a game people thought they had figured out, people immediately ask me what I bet on. I deserve this. People stopped talking about what they were betting on just in case. I am done making predictions/betting (for at least 5-6 hours, there’s college basketball on tonight). I’m the biggest mush there is.

P.S. I do expect a large check from Jay Ajayi. I called that dude a pineapple boy in week 9 and basically gave him his entire career.


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