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Clemson Assaulted Ohio State in More Ways Than One Last Weekend

By: Alex Marcheschi

You’ve probably seen it by now, but if not, watch the video below. Fair warning, it’s genuinely weird.

I wasn’t going to blog about this, as concerning as it was. I thought hmm, maybe that’s just a very extreme example of guys being dudes. Maybe that’s what happens on the big stage. Maybe I’m being too judgmental. Then I saw Clemson’s Ben Boulware defend it by saying this:

“Yes, Christian — he went about four fingers deep.”

That’s a real quote from Boulware, and he also backed it up by saying Samuel didn’t have a reaction, so no biggie. But as we see above, Samuel tweeted that if he would’ve felt it, he would’ve gotten ejected due to his reaction.

Like I said though, I was ready to ignore all this…until another butthole poking video was discovered. That’s right, there was a second poker.

Boulware himself. The Tigers just love to get up in that butthole. That’s their thing and they’re riding it all the way to the ‘ship. Luckily there are no laws on the gridiron, because if you did that shit in broad daylight on the street, that’s a minimum of a fist fight and sexual assault charge.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone though, Boulware has been a scumbag all year. Here’s him trying to choke out Lamar Jackson at the bottom of the pile:

The dude is a level 10 weirdo, plain and simple. The next Bill Romanowksi. But hey, at least the world knows he’s a big butthole guy now. Never thought I’d say this, but I hope Bama gets all up in that ass.


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