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Luke Fickell is Building an Empire and The Rest of The AAC is Cowering in The Corner

ayyy fick.jpg

By: Alex Marcheschi

These past two days have given us a great sneak peek into how things are going to go for UC football for the foreseeable future and let me tell you folks the future looks bright as shit. Yesterday we had Jarell White proclaiming that he is the next Jabrill Peppers:

This morning we had the big nasties getting down and dirty in frigid conditions and loving every minute of it:

#LETITFLY!!!!! And finally we had Fickell tweet out this picture about feeding wolves and it got me fired up:

That’s the dopest graphic I’ve ever seen on the Internet. I can already taste the tears of the AAC right now. The AAC can see the tornado that is Luke Fickell barreling down the interstate and it’s about to wreak havoc and destroy the lives of the AAC. Call FEMA now!!!!

LET. IT. FLY!!!!!!!!


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