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This 4-Year-Old That Has Read Over 1,000 Books Needs To Chill The Fuck Out


By: JerryAnytime

Washington PostBefore Daliyah Marie Arana was even born, her parents say, she was learning how to read.

So it was no surprise when, at 2 years and 11 months — the age that most children barely understand the concept that text carries a message — Daliyah read her first book on her own.

Now 4 years old, Daliyah has read more than 1,000 books and has managed to read certain college-level texts. And the preschooler’s skilled reading and passion for literature impressed even the leader of the nation’s library, Carla Hayden, the 14th Librarian of Congress.

On Wednesday, Hayden hosted Daliyah at the Library of Congress, giving the 4-year-old a chance to shadow her as “librarian for the day.” Wearing her glasses, pink dress and matching pink bow, Daliyah walked the sprawling hallways of the world’s largest library and sat in on executive roundtable meetings — as any high-profile librarian would do.

The average attention span of an animal is 27 seconds. After refreshing Twitter repeatedly and binge watching television for roughly 10 years now, I can legitimately say that my attention span is about half that. My reading comprehension has devolved to the level of me reading the same paragraph twelve times and then closing the book and wondering what the hell just happened. I have to plug my phone in across the room when I watch a television show because I don’t trust myself. I’ve basically had to reserve a block of my day where I get home from work and just open and close all my apps.

With that being said, I’m not a big fan of this 4-year-old that has basically read half of the English cannon already. Normal 4-year-olds are playing with Legos and dreaming about My Little Pony, all the while we have Daliyah analyzing the textual significance of Macbeth. I’m not a psychologist and I’m pretty bad at predicting things, but this kid is not going to grow up to be normal. Not a chance. Even my mom agrees.

convo lol.png

I’m not gonna spend a lot more time roasting a kid that hasn’t lived to see the age of 5, I just had to get this off my chest. I’m at the point where I buy books and have them just sitting in my room. I should not be looked down upon for not reading, but instead cherished for my skill of being able to watch Netflix so long that it asks me if I’m still in the room.

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