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If You Aren’t Fired Up For UC Right Now, You Have No Pulse

By: Tyler Dugan

The Cats have seen some major changes come about in the past couple of months. I think the “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel” saying applies here, because Bearcats fans were dead for a little bit there.

Start with football. First the renovations to Nippert. The place looks amazing even though it’s small, in attendance standards, the place can rock.

the nip.jpg

The fans are right on top you. I remember when Miami (the U) came to play, they said it was the loudest environment they played in a long time. That’s pretty impressive considering they play Clemson and Florida State every year. Throw in the new renovations, and the place real nice. Now the team sucked last year, but we will just move over that because the Cats got a Clydesdale running the helm now, Lukey Fickell.


What a time to be alive right now for that fella. Guy has hasn’t coached a down of football at UC yet, and he is basically being cantonized by most UC fans, but he has earned that right.

Now a bunch of people will throw shit in my face like “dude all you do is hate on OSU, now that you get one of their coaches and you are obsessed.” Yeah, that’s 100% true. I’m 100% willing to admit that O$U is a better program than UC (in football), and I will gladly take any branch off of that tree. They are probably a top 5 program of all time, maybe even #1. Give me their coaches, I’ll gladly accept them. Will I ever root for them? No, I hate their guts, I always will, I hate their fans, I hate Urban Meyer (but if he faked another heart attack and came to UC I wouldn’t be mad). So that’s that. I’m a UC fan willing to admit that O$U is better, probably always will be, but that doesn’t mean I have to root for them now because UC has their old DC. I will respect them… kind of.

flame thrower.gif

Back to Luke. He has come out of the gates swinging. He has landed some pretty big names in recruiting. He got hometown 4 star recruit Jarell White to come to Cincy, he has other big name hometown guys now looking at UC.

He took Notre Dame’s offensive coordinator to have the same role at UC. Mind boggling. A GUY JUST LEFT BEING THE OC AT NOTRE DAME TO BE THE OC AT UC.

Think about that. Brian Kelly must be a major prick. He just got Torrance Gibson from OSU (another branch of that tree that I’m talking about) the guy was a 5 star recruit who got suspended from OSU for the whole year for “violating team rules.”

Pretty interesting tactics by Urban. Had Aaron Hernandez murdering people (literally) while at Florida play a whole year. Had JT Barrett get a DUI and only got suspended for 1 game. Had Bosa Jalin Marshall and others violate team rules and only get suspended for 1 game. So not sure what Torrance did but it must of been pretty shaky. Probably slept with Urban’s daughter. Must credit The Pup List with the fact that Torrance Gibson slept with Urban Meyers daughter.

Anyways back to Fickell again. He now has UC’s team just doing like push ups and shit ups in the snow. He tweeted out the picture of that lion thing that was just fierce.

He’s electric. He has this city fired up, I literally can’t wait for UC football. PS they go to Michigan week 2.

Now onto the basketball program. Pretty good reason to be excited over this team right now. It’s arguably the most talented team Mick’s had. They have 4 guys who have gone for 20 points this year. Those guys can do that on any given night. They have already beaten Temple, Houston, and SMU, which looks like to be the other top teams in the conference.

Xavier for once actually is a favorable matchup for UC this year considering XU has 0 inside presence, but I’m sure UC will find ways to not throw it down low that game. They still have a top 10 defense. They can beat anybody on any given night, and they can lose to anybody too. But this team looks much more consistent than the teams in years past. So, that is very very encouraging.

The future looks really good. They are changing the dump arena into a modern masterpiece. It’s going to be unreal. I can’t wait to see it. Evans is a sophomore. Cumberland is a freshman. Those two look like the 2 main scorers for the future. They have Cane Broome next year (The baller transfer from Sacred Heart).

Washington and Clark on the team next year. They have a bright core for a few years. Hard not to get excited over Mick and the boys.

The Cats are coming. I can’t wait. Hopefully I don’t get disappointed. Let’s make this year fun. Go Cats baby. If the Cats truly wanna come back, they need to bring back this logo.


p.s. they actually are going to…at least for one game:

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