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If You Want Pacman Cut, You’re Gonna Need to Start a Petition

By: Alex Marcheschi

Last night the police car video of Adam “Pacman” Jones’ arrest was released to the public. You can watch the full video below:

If you don’t have the time, here’s what happens: he tells a cop to “suck his dick” 11 times, calls a cop a “bitch” 21 times and he also tells the cop that he hopes he dies tomorrow. So, he basically ran through the gambit of intense insults, doesn’t get much worse than telling someone to perform oral sex on you and then hoping they die.

Many people think Pacman should be cut, and this is hardly his first offense. You would think cutting him is a no brainer, but we’re dealing with the Bengals here. If anything, Mike Brown probably got excited when he saw this because now Pacman will probably stay inside and work harder for next season. And, he’ll be even cheaper in two years when his contract is up.

The Bengals released this statement last night, and in my mind, it means they aren’t going to cut Pacman.

“We also offer an apology to the public and to our loyal fans” AKA we’re not cutting Pacman, but please keep giving us money. I personally am OK with keeping Pacman, I think you get what you pay for at this point and you have to know outbursts like that are a real possibility. I mean, Pacman hit a woman at Tin Roof a few years ago and we kept him for Pete’s sake.

The only way Brown will cut him is if someone gets like 100,000 signatures on a petition, but no one cares enough to start one. Someone call The Guiness Book of World Records, because being a Bengals fan has to be the longest running joke on planet earth.



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