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BREAKING: Executives Greenlight New PUP List Podcast “Hush Puppy Radio”, Media World Shaken by Disruption

hush puppy radio.jpg

In stunning news, The PUP List has announced the implementation of a new podcast that will operate under the name “Hush Puppy Radio”. It’s being reported that episodes will drop sporadically, and many are speculating that there will be a lot of Bearcats talk as March Madness looms. Some also speculate that there will be Reds talk once the season fires up. There are even rumors that the new show will touch on random topics such as Draymond Green’s latest displays of immaturity, weird things Beyonce is doing and journalistic investigations that involve digging through Mike Brown’s trash to see how much he spends at Arby’s per week.


“The PUP List is easily my favorite Twitter follow,” said ESPN’s Darren Rovell. “However, I was floored when I checked my fax machine this morning and saw that they were starting a new podcast. Media executives across the nation have taken notice. One source is telling me that ‘podcasts will never be the same.'”

While praise from Rovell may be exciting, other media watchdogs don’t share the same mindset.

“The PUP List sucks ass,” said SI’s Richard Deitsch. “These guys came at me about a Steph Curry tweet I had during the Finals and ever since then I promised myself that they would be on my shitlist til I’m on my death bed.”

The announcement of the new program even made front page news in the Wall St. Journal this morning.


When The PUP List HQ was contacted for comment, their in-house secretary was not able to get anyone from upper management on the line. However, she did say, “Anyone who subscribed to The DEGEN-F-L Show will already be subscribed to Hush Puppy Radio. Still though, tell your friends. K thx bye.”

The first episode will be recorded on Sunday (2/12/17). Each episode will feature anywhere from 2-6 members at a time and local celebrities will be making appearances. Stay tuned for more.

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