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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Oklahoma City Thunder Edition



Check out the cupcake, it even followed KD into the tunnel

By: Alex Marcheschi

Those who are familiar with Dave Chappelle’s work know what it looks like when keeping it real goes wrong. One minute you’re pissed that somebody was playin’ on your phone, the next you’re buying a customized cupcake costume.

I want to say this loud and clear, that cupcake stuff was the single worst display of taunting these eyes have ever seen. I mean, look at the pic above. There’s a giant cupcake being escorted through the arena and the dude in the bottom right has a cupcake poster. What’s the joke here? Is this just how people in Oklahoma insult? “Cupcake” hasn’t been used as an insult in any sort of respectable conversation since the ’80s.

This guy’s sign isn’t even close to being funny, KD probably just laughed because of how bad it was.

They even mixed in a little racism, nice.

The point here is, if you’re going to be a petty, salty fan, you have to be good at it. It’s the classic saying, “whatever you’re going to be, be a good one.” If you’re going to choose to be petty, at least be good at it.

Durant himself is terrible at talking shit, but the OKC fans somehow came out looking worse than KD. You can’t make a cupcake the main theme, especially against a team like the Warriors. They’re impervious to weak sauce like that because they have suffered through all the 3-1 lead blowing memes. But, people forget, OKC blew a 3-1 lead to Golden State, so OKC fans can’t even mention that. They have no leverage. The only way they could have come out on top last night was if the Thunder won, but the game was a blowout.

And then, there’s Russ.

You can’t blame Russell Westbrook for what happened last night, he went off for 47, 11 and 8…but they lost by 16 and Durant dropped 32, 9 and 3. OKC lost in every single way possible, and ironically, ended up looking ridiculous holding those cupcakes while simultaneously catching an ass whoopin’.

This is how Russ showed up to the game:

It looked cool in the moment, but in retrospect it looks a little ridiculous. Willie Beamon technically lost at the end of Any Given Sunday, too. It’s come full circle. The game had it’s moments…

But even there, when Westbrook was jawing at KD, he was still losing by 18. At the end of the day, all this game showed is that the Thunder are terrible at talking shit and the Golden State Warriors are the bad boys on the block.

They look unbeatable in a seven game series. At this point LeBron, Kyrie, K Love, JR, AND Korver are going to have to all be simultaneously wet for at least 4 games to beat the Warriors. That’s possible, but highly unlikely. This team is too damn good.

p.s. our boy Draymond couldn’t help but get in on the cupcake action

And, here’s how KD was treated when he was introduced, some pretty weak boos (25 second mark in the video). They simply didn’t have the sauce last night.



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