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Man Steals A Van With a Dead Body In It, Regrets It Big Time, Returns It And Steals Another Van

By: JerryAnytime

(AP) — A man was arrested after police say he stole a van from a Southern California mortuary with a dead body inside, returned it and then stole a different van from the same business.

Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback says a mortuary employee was nearly run over as he tried to stop the man as he drove away the second time Sunday.

Railsback says an officer investigating the theft of the first van chased the second van for more than two miles. The suspect was arrested and could face charges including vehicle theft. Police didn’t immediately release his name.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper reports Monday that stealing a dead body isn’t included in his list of charges because police believe he didn’t mean to steal it.

Life comes at you fast. I didn’t really have any big Valentine’s Day plans, but then again I don’t think anyone did in comparison to this dude. You’re trying to having a spontaneous Valentine’s Day joy ride and instead you end up taking a cruise with a dead person.

One aspect of this story that shocked me was the bit where the mortuary employee nearly got “run over trying to stop the man.” If you work at a mortuary, you’re a guaranteed weirdo, but to risk your life for the SECOND van that was stolen? That’s pure insanity. Thank the guy for returning dead ass (literally) Mr. Smith, and let him carrying out his casual Grand Theft Auto. I’m not getting in the way of anyone that’s willing to steal a van that has RIVERSIDE MORTUARY on the side it and thinks they’ll get away with it.

hard pass.gif

Color me shocked, but according to the article, “The suspect was arrested and could face charges including vehicle theft.” Can you imagine a guy who stole a dead body and 2 vans being charged criminally for anything? This is Trump’s America now. You can’t even steal a dead body and commit larceny without being judged and scorned.

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