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The NCAA is Broken and It Needs My Conference Realignment Plan

By: Tyler Dugan

The NCAA has a major issue going on – their conferences suck. They make zero sense. Luckily for them, I have constructed a bullet proof idea to fix the system: four major conferences.

For this blog, I will call those conferences the North, South, East & West. The NCAA can put whatever fancy names they want on them. 20 teams in each conference. They are placed regionally. Yes, people have thrown around this idea, but I’m throwing it into motion. This is my house now.

Here’s how it will work. Every team that is in a current “Power 5” conference is in. There are 65 teams on that list. That leaves room for 15 more teams to get put in to these 4 major conferences.

So, here is the list of the conferences that I have constructed:

We start with the East

1. Boston College
2. Clemson
3. Duke
4. Georgia Tech
5. Louisville
6. North Carolina
7. NC State
8. Pittsburgh
9. Syracuse
10. Virginia
11. Virginia Tech
12. Wake Forest
13. Maryland
14. Rutgers
15. South Carolina
16. West Virginia
17. Cincinnati
18. Connecticut
19. Temple
20. East Carolina

– You can basically see the trend. These teams are all regionally close to each other.
– The first twelve teams are from the ACC. Keep that bundle together.
– I pulled Maryland and Rutgers away from the Big 10. They shouldn’t be there. They are along the east coast.
– Taking South Carolina from the SEC. This was the toughest team. South Carolina is technically along the East Coast. They have a travel partner in state with Clemson. It’s easy.

– West Virginia is where they belong. It is ridiculous that every time they have to go on the road they have to travel completely across the country in the current Big 12. This puts them where they belong.
– The last 4 are from the American, including the lovely Bearcats. Again, the common theme, it makes sense. These are all in the eastern part of the country. UC and Louisville are as far west you have to go. Those 2 can be travel partners, and the keg of nails is back.


1. Indiana
2. Michigan
3. Michigan State
4. Ohio State
5. Penn State
6. Illinois
7. Iowa
8. Minnesota
9. Nebraska
10. Northwestern
11. Purdue
12. Wisconsin
13. Notre Dame
14. Iowa State
15. Kansas
16. Kansas State
17. Oklahoma
18. Oklahoma State
19. Missouri
20. SMU

-First twelve teams are from the Big 10.
– Notre Dame is in a conference. Yes, the Irish will have to get off their high horse, and join a conference.

kelly aa.jpg
– Five teams from the Big 12: Kansas, K-State, Oklahoma, Ok-State, and Iowa State are in the heart of the country. Directly in the Midwest. They all are relatively close to one another.
– Missouri from the SEC. Again, geographically they are in the middle of the country. Puts them pretty much right in the middle of the conference.
-SMU from the American. The furthest south a team has to go is to SMU, which is in Dallas. It isn’t too far into Texas, and it gives this conference a major market in Dallas.


1. Florida
2. Georgia
3. Kentucky
4. Tennessee
5. Vanderbilt
6. Alabama
7. Arkansas
8. Auburn
9. LSU
10. Ole Miss
11. Mississippi State
12. Texas A&M
13. Florida State
14. Miami
15. Texas
16. TCU
17. Texas Tech
18. Baylor
19. Houston
20. South Florida

– First twelve from the SEC.
– Florida is in the south. It makes perfect sense that all the Florida schools are in the same conference.

richt jimmmm.jpg
– I threw the Texas schools in the south. Again, geographically, it works. Plus it would be a major money maker for the conference.


1. Arizona
2. Arizona State
3. California
5. Colorado
6. Oregon
7. Oregon State
8. USC
9. Stanford
10. Utah
11. Washington
12. Washington State
13. Boise State
14. BYU
15. San Diego State
16. Fresno State
17. Utah State
18. New Mexico
19. UNLV
20. Colorado State


– This is pretty easy to follow. It is basically the entire PAC 12 mixed with the Mountain West. Throw in BYU and we have us a West conference.


The big question all of you guys are wondering is: why is this necessary? Why waste your time?

Well, I got real bored in between my Astronomy and Spanish class…so I figured what the hell. Secondly, it gives me something to dream about for UC to get out of this dreaded conference. Thirdly, it is a real thought. People have actually talked about doing this, I just put the teams in place. It makes perfect sense regionally, and it buries a lot of issues.


Its easy to put it on paper, but there are so many more things that go into it than just putting them in conferences. So, luckily, for all of my million readers I have even thought of it deeper.

Each conference would have four divisions. That means five teams in each division. The regular football season would be 11 games long. Which is one game less than the usual college football season now.

You play the other four teams in your division every year. That leaves eight games. You have five games that are played from one of the other divisions in your conference, and that gives you a total of nice games, and then two non conference games. It works pretty similar to the NFL scheduling. Here’s an example how it would work. I’ll use UC.

Let’s say that UC’s division has UC, Pitt, West Virginia, Louisville and Temple.

They would play those 4 teams every year, and then they would play one of the divisions within the conference. That division would rotate every year. So, let’s say that UC is in Division one, they would play division two next year, division three the year after, then division four the year after. They’d play two non-conference games, and there is the 11 game schedule. Then the conference championship would involve the winner of each division in a four team playoff.

The winner of each conference is guaranteed a spot in the playoff for the national title. That means four teams get automatic bids. I’d make the playoff an eight team playoff. The other four teams get in through an at-large bid. Bada bing bada boom, we have a playoff.

That totals one more game than the current set up of College Football. If they went to the 8 team playoff next year it would be the same amount of games, so I won’t be ruining these kids’ lives.

For basketball, it’s pretty simple. You play less non conference games. That avoids Kentucky playing South Carolina Upstate which is always good.


It brings greater competition to the sport. It has no real effect on the NCAA tournament. “But Tyler, 20 teams in a conference is a ton how could you do that?” Well, 2011 Big East had 16 teams in it, and it worked out OK, don’t think four more would kill anything.

“Basketball and football aren’t the only sports, Dugs.” Ya, I’m aware, this benefits these other sports arguably more. Those smaller sports with less of a budget have less travel time. Less money spent. Best of both worlds. This needs to happen.

That’s pretty much my elaborate plan. The NCAA sucks, and it should take my lead. Let’s re-do this poopy system ya’ll have setup.


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