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Do People Realize How Huge It Will Be If The Cavs Sign Larry Sanders?

By: Alex Marcheschi

In 2015 an up-and-coming, 26-year-old dynamic center from the Bucks retired out of nowhere. He was a beast, and the news was a gut punch to Bucks fans. He did things like get triple-doubles with points, rebounds and blocks.

Obviously by now you know I’m talking about Larry Sanders. In 2015, he walked away from 27 million dollars to retire and work on being a graphic designer and artist. He had dreamed of being an artist as a kid, and he later made a video for The Players Tribune where he told us that he also entered a program for anxiety, depression and mood disorders at Rogers Memorial Hospital.

In the moment, all of this seemed extremely weird to the majority of NBA fans, but those who knew about Sanders weren’t surprised. He saw some traumatic stuff as a child and apparently never even dreamed of playing in the NBA as a kid. The piece where all of this is revealed is worth a read if you have the time, it can be found here and a more condensed version can be found here.

Even though I used to love watching him play, I was always happy that he left and got the help he needed to pursue his dreams. BUT…When I saw that he is open to coming back to the NBA recently, I was pumped. Sanders’ snapchat has been on fire lately and he was recently “on the road again..” to The Land.

If the Cavs can swoop up Larry Sanders, it would be absolutely huge. As you saw above, this is a dude capable of getting triple-doubles with point, rebounds and blocks. If they can pair him with Tristan and lock down the rim, or just bring him off the bench when Tristan is tired, that would be Dyn-O-Mite.

Kyrie, JR and K-Love always have nagging injuries, and if the Cavs can get another all-star caliber player on the roster, it’s always good. If Life Coach LeBron can tap into something within Larry, it could honestly get pretty damn scary for the rest of the NBA.

That mixtape is ROWDY. Just swap out Brandon Jennings throwing him all those lobs for Kyrie Irving and that’s Lob City Pt. 2. Throw him in there to annoy the shit out of Draymond and scowl at him. Make Iggy think twice about bringing it to the rack. Beautiful.

Just yesterday Kyrie said he thinks he’ll be able to comment on Larry Sanders more “when he can kinda get some practice.” So, that makes it seem like it’s basically a done deal.

Then there are these two tweets:

Lue and Kyrie both speaking highly of Larry. I’m 99% sure he’s coming back. Let’s go.

Do. Not. Schleep. On. Larry. Sanders.

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