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BREAKING: The Giants Now Have Brandon Marshall and Odell, What Could Go Wrong?

By: Alex Marcheschi

On paper, the Giants adding Brandon Marshall looks awesome. Throwing that type of talent on the other side of Odell is a game changer. But, in real life, the move seems risky as hell. Odell and B-Marsh are probably the two most outspoken, needy wide receivers in the league right now. Where have we seen a strategy like this before?

to chad.jpg

Ask Carson Palmer how that turned out.

They’re both great, but they’re both also #1 guys at heart, and I’m not sure if Marshall is ready to take a back seat. Hell, B-Marsh might even be the #3 WR on the roster after Sterling Shepard’s rookie season.

In a perfect world, Marshall accepts the role as a #2/3 guy and makes plays when Eli finds him. But, unless we’ve entered into a bizarro realm, that’s not going to happen.

Every time B-Marsh goes to a new team, things seems like they’ll change, but they rarely do. If I was a Giants fan, I’d be a little scared.

At this point, they might as well sign Adrian Peterson and just see what happens. The G-Men need to swan dive into the deep end, not dip their toe into the baby pool. Is Terrell Suggs available? Would Ray Lewis come out of retirement? Is Richie Incognito looking to get out of Buffalo? What about Manziel? Eli’s getting old, need a backup plan.

This is the type of move that either wins you a Super Bowl or thrusts you into the first half of the draft. Which will it be? Only time will tell, but I’d say there’s a 65% chance this backfires into oblivion.



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