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This Video of Floyd Mayweather Cocking Back a Tomahawk Slam Proves That He Would Murk McGregor

***UPDATE: This isn’t Floyd, got duped by Mike & Mike

By: Alex Marcheschi

I’m not really a professional fighting guy, but I’m super into boxing movies, so I consider myself a fan of boxing even though I couldn’t even name five active boxers right now. When I saw that video of Floyd cramming home a tasty tomahawk this morning, I officially decided that McGregor has no chance in that hypothetical matchup, legitimately zero percent chance of winning that fight.

Floyd is 5’8″ and 40 years old, if you asked me if I thought he could dunk yesterday, I would’ve said “absolutely not.” And that wasn’t even just a dunk, that was fierce, that would’ve gotten like a 47 in this year’s dunk contest, especially considering how short he is.

dunk contest.jpg

McGregor is fun to watch, but he’s 22-3 in the UFC. Floyd is 49-0 in professional boxing. The UFC has some pretty garbage dudes running around and McGregor has already managed to lose three times. He’s nowhere near the athlete Floyd is.

I had a heated debate about this with some friends two weekends ago, they were trying to say that McGregor had like a 20% chance of beating Floyd, but it would have to be by knockout because Floyd is too tactical to lose by a judge’s decision. That’s a decent take, but if you really think about it, Floyd has been ducking and blocking light-speed punches for his entire career. If the fight was required to follow boxing rules, McGregor wouldn’t be able to land a punch, and he’d most likely get knocked out. Even if it was street fight rules, I still think Mayweather would easily win. All he would have to do is stay off the ground and drill Conor in the face with a nice jab combo and it’s over, especially if he was wearing UFC gloves and not boxing gloves. People throw this comparison around a lot in boxing, but Mayweather is truly a surgeon.

He knows exactly where to hit you in order to make you fall, and honestly, it’s a little offensive to even say McGregor’s name in the same breath as him. McGregor is a good fighter, but 70% of the reason he’s as rich and famous as he is, is because he’s a great showman. The media doesn’t like to show Floyd any love because of his disgusting outside-the-ring tendencies, and maybe rightly so, but at the end of the day that has nothing to do with him as a fighter.

I didn’t even know Floyd was a freak athlete like that dunk showed he is, and that was enough for me to confirm my belief that Conor genuinely has no chance if this ever happens.

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