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Why Cavs Fans Should Be Happy That The Warriors Just Won 11 Straight

By: Alex Marcheschi

Wow, the Warriors sure are amazing to watch, last night they secured their eleventh straight victory. What a cause for celebration! This is a great sign for Golden State as the playoffs approach! Chef Curry is the GOAT!

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SIKE! This is the most beautiful, perfectly timed thing to happen to Cavs fans since The Block By James.

Yes, the Warriors have won 11 straight, but it’s been without a certain person, a certain Kevin Wayne Durant. Their squad is gelling better than they have all season without KD, but he’s eyeing a comeback on Saturday and the playoffs are right around the corner. Welcome to Juju Disruptor 101 taught by visiting professor Kenneth Durant.

In reality, that is still Steph’s team, and KD coming back during this streak can only make the Warriors worse. You know Kevin has been thinking about how they’re rolling on all cylinders without him right now, and he has proven to be one of the most self-conscious players in the NBA. If this was NBA 2K, KD’s return would lower Golden States’ team chemistry rating by at least 10 points.

This question has been asked about all the super teams in recent years: who takes the last shot? I think it’s a very legitimate question, while some in the sports Twitter community have come to dismiss the question, it needs an answer. A team needs to know who the leader of the pack is, putting your pride aside is essential to winning a championship.

It has to be Steph, but we all know KD is going to pull the trig if he has any control over the situation. To me, this Warriors team has the vibes of the first Heat superteam that lost to the Mavs. They still don’t know exactly how to handle this much power.


Oh, how the tables have turned

The Cavs, on the other hand, have been struggling as of late. But, I firmly believe that they have been purposely playing possum before the playoffs. LeBron teams do this every year, they have a period of struggle right before the playoffs that allows The King to play the “nobody believes in us” card and then he engages the slingshot and sends his team into orbit.

Don’t look now, but JR is getting his sea legs back. Look what he just did last night:

better box.PNGFive for eight from three, and he’s the heartbeat of the Cavs. When JR’s confidence is running at full steam, the Cavs are running at full steam. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that they now have the second best statistical three point shooter in the NBA coming off the bench:


You hear that? That’s the sound of sniping in the distance. The Cavs have more than enough firepower to go blow for blow with this new Warriors team. JR, Kyrie, Korver, K Love and Frye are all world class three point shooters, and LeBron can sprinkle if need be.

People like to poo-poo Ty Lue, but he’s been around some of the best playoff basketball coaches of all time in Phil Jackson and Doc. He knows that the playoffs are a different animal and I firmly believe that we will see a frightening Cavs team once the playoffs begin. They’ve been secretly building an army Bane-style underground and Steve Kerr is Commissioner Gordon, except this time he doesn’t survive the trip down the sewer.

By signing KD, the Warriors panicked and their weakness has cost the lives of three others *Bane voice*. Steph, Klay and Dray will all meet their maker once again this year and they have no one to blame but KD. Draymond doesn’t have the emotional capacity to handle playing fourth fiddle and he will undoubtedly blow it again for GSW this year.

KD’s return should be seen as a majestic sight for Cavs fans as they will suffer from the same disease that killed LeBron in his first Finals with Miami. I have been storing up Mios all season long so that I can flavor the tears of Golden State fans when they lose the Finals and I can’t wait to start chugging.

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  1. Isnt the basic requirement of being a professional sport writer that you remain unbiased and mature (or atleast try to) that last sentence just screams everything that is the opposite of that.

  2. I filled a missing persons report for the author. He hasn’t been seen since game 5 on the NBA finals when the fluke “defending champions” with the “Greatest Player of all time” got humiliated! #quickie

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