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Why Last Night’s Cavs Comeback Should Scare The Rest of The NBA

By: Alex Marcheschi

Last night the Cavs came back from a 26 point deficit to beat the Pacers in Indianapolis, it was the biggest comeback in NBA playoff history. LeBron asserted his dominance and reminded the globe that he is still the greatest basketball player on the planet as he hung a filthy 41 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists on Paul George, an all-NBA defender, and Thad Young, who had fear in his eyes the entire night. Young looked like a western movie character tied to the train tracks for the entire second half, he knew a train was coming and there was nothing he could do about it.

thad train

The comeback was huge for the Cavs psyche, they got torched on defense in the first half, but then locked Indy down in the second half, holding them to a mere 40 points. That type of performance carries enough weight to ride out for the rest of the playoffs, when you realize that you can hold a team with a top 10 player in the league to 40 points in a half, that essentially kills any idea that you stink at defense.

LeBron passed Kobe for the third most three pointers made in playoff history in the game last night, and he was on his Chris Kyle for the entire second half. He was splashing his signature threes that appear as if they drop straight from heaven and swiftly rattle off the back iron through the net in the third and fourth quarters. Here he is giving poor Thad Young that work:

The game was also huge for Ty Lue’s confidence, he made some great personnel decisions and drew up some amazing plays. The Cavs opened the second half with guns blazing and they began to gel with a lineup that featured Deron Williams, Kyle Korver and Channing Frye, and Lue rode it out. Kyrie and Kevin Love didn’t step foot on the court for the entire fourth quarter.

Also, Channing Frye reminded people that he is one of the most underrated role players in the NBA. He hit a few enormous threes, this one being the most impressive:

I had a bunch of sheep Warriors fans calling me an idiot on Reddit for saying that Frye is a world-class shooter before the playoffs started, and last night I was sitting back watching my boy ball out with a steamy cup of sleepy time tea.

frye lol

It’s time for everyone to finally accept that there are two different Cavs teams: the regular season Cavs and the playoff Cavs. That is not debatable, it is a fact, set it in stone. Last night officially launched the playoff Cavs into orbit. No one in the East has a chance and whoever comes out of the West had to have been watching that game clutching their childhood blanky stress-eating an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy.

kd dode.png

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