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If The Bengals Want to Maintain The Little Respect They Have Left, They Can’t Draft Joe Mixon

By: Alex Marcheschi

The NFL Draft is coming up this weekend, and surprise-surprise, word on the street is the Bengals are heavily considering drafting a player with a complicated legal history. Actually, “complicated” is a nice way of putting it, one could also use the words “disgusting” and “reprehensible”. This player I’m referring to is Joe Mixon, the estranged former Oklahoma running back who once haymakered a girl in the face at a fast food restaurant. Here’s a piece from The Enquirer that details why the Bengals might draft him:

The actual incident can be seen below:

If you look at the comments on that video, you’ll see that the first handful of comments say things like “and the winner by knockout… joe “right hook” mixon“, “Equal rights, equal fights” and “Equality? This is what you crave isn’t it feminists? You want the same treatment a man would get OR do you want the special treatment you get now……?

I just want to address those before I go any further, as a pre-emptive measure to anyone who might comment something similar on this blog post. I’d venture to say that all of those comments were made by sexually frustrated dudes who need to comment on YouTube videos because no one in real life respects them enough to hold a conversation. If that’s you’re genuine reaction to that video, you have problems.

One of the first things all males are taught is “you never hit a woman.” It’s that simple, it’s one of the few maxims of life that truly has no grey area. And even if I were to pretend to respect someone who holds the aforementioned viewpoints, I would ask them if they know what Mixon said to the girl, and if they think that a D1 runningback reacting to a few slaps from a teenage girl with a vicious right hook seems reasonable. The answer to both of those questions is of course “no.”

Bengals writer Paul Dehner Jr. asked fans if they would “be OK with” the Bengals drafting Mixon in the second round today with a Twitter poll:

Shockingly, as of 6:30 pm on April 24 when I wrote this, the results were 68% “yes”. The ridiculous thing is that the second round probably has a lot to do with it. Draft a dude who racks women in the face in the first round? Hell no. Second round? Ehhh, sure, worth the risk. Insane.

Obviously I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bengals do actually draft him. The Bengals’ reputation in the NFL is basically The Island of Misfit Toys. They’ve had a bunch of players involved with legal cases over the past few decades:

arrest 1


Cincinnati has had 44 arrests since 2000, trailing only the Broncos and Vikings in the statistic. Look at those red and green spaces, that’s a lot of domestic violence and assault. I understand that it’s possible for Mixon to be genuinely sorry, and I get that everyone makes mistakes, but it would be irresponsible for the Bengals to draft him. I want this kid to have a fair shot in the NFL, but if the Bengals take him at this point, it would cement the franchise as a joke in my eyes.

Some may make that argument that personal conduct doesn’t matter in the NFL as long as you’re winning, and that violence is just a necessary evil in a game that has violence at its core, but the Bengals don’t win. The Broncos and Vikings have at least reached their conference championship in that timeframe, but the Bengals can’t even win one playoff game and that’s what makes their strategy of signing players with legal troubles so stupid.

If it was working, fine, go ahead. I still wouldn’t agree with it, but at least they could have some sort of meaningful reason for doing it. Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, and strangely enough, that seems to be Mike Brown’s mission statement.

mikey b

Pacman Jones just headbutted a cop, told the cop to suck his dick and then spit on a nurse, but you’ll still see him with a Captain’s “C” on his jersey during this upcoming season. Oh yeah, and Pacman hit a woman at Tin Roof a few years ago (the video is now scrubbed from the internet, and Pac was found not guilty, but he did hit her. He just had a good lawyer). It’s clear that assault, even on women, isn’t a red flag in the Bengals’ eyes.

Signing players like Pacman and Mixon is the reason why the Bengals will never get over the hump. Yes, Jeremy’s fumble was a big reason why the Bengals lost that playoff game to the Steelers, but Pacman’s personal foul against Joey Porter, a coach at the time, was even more inexcusable.

The Bengals love to bargain hunt, and we all know what happens when you bargain hunt: you feel good about the deal you just snagged for a while, but then after the product breaks when you need it most, you become full of regret. If the Bengals want to maintain any little bit of respect they have left, they need to stay as far away from Joe Mixon as they possibly can.



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