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Playoffs Pulse: Alien King LeBron Reigns & It Appears As If Draymond Hasn’t Learned His Lesson


lbj rampage.jpg

By: Alex Marcheschi

LeBron Raymone James seems to be on a mission to remind all of the basic betch NBA fans across the globe that he is still King James. A week ago, people were putting Kawhi Leonard on his level and before the playoffs started many were questioning whether his team had “it”. Now, the sports world is bowing before the sweet prince in hopes of forgiveness. LeBron has been on a playoff tear ever since the Finals comeback last year, and it doesn’t appear as if anyone will be able to stop him:

As our NBA correspondent Brandon Howard pointed out, so far in the playoffs James has forced Larry Bird into retirement and turned Demar DeRozan into the leader of the LBJ fan club:

The Cavs have swept their first two opponents and could enjoy a full week of rest here if the Celtics v Wizards series goes seven games. Kyle Korver appears to be fully integrated into Cleveland’s offense at this point and that’s a scary thing for the rest of the NBA, especially the Warriors.

Speaking of the Warriors, they appear to be back to their immature ways. Draymond Green got a tech in Golden State’s last game after complaining about foul calls and taunting Jazz fans. This dude truly can’t help himself, he likes talking shit more than actually winning and his agenda comes before his team, it’s that simple. In their last game, every player on the court pleaded with him to calm down and he didn’t listen. Mike Brown couldn’t even contain him with Steve Kerr away dealing with back pain. Durant then decided to join Green and flex his muscles on a much weaker opponent.

This is a beautiful sight for Cavs fans and Warriors haters as it confirms that Draymond has not learned from his mistakes, and he just might rope Durant into his immature web. Green is 100% the reason the Warriors lost the Finals last year, and seeing this gives me hope that his emotions will cost them a title once again.

As stated before on this blog, Durant is the most thin-skinned player in the NBA and he showed this in their last game as he was jawing with courtside fans. Winning a title requires thick skin and the ability to lock in and overcome the menial tribulations that come along with playing in the spotlight, and I still don’t think the Warriors can do that.

With Korver and Channing Frye sniping like they are, the Cavs are on the same level as the Warriors. It’s no longer a mismatch.¬†Cleveland can match three pointers with Golden State, and the way LeBron is playing more than makes up for the addition of Kevin Durant to GSW. When the Finals roll around, the Warriors will be the heavy favorite in the eyes of the public, and that comes along with a ton of pressure. The fact that the Cavs can be seen as underdogs with the lethal roster they have is amazing. There will be absolutely no pressure on Cleveland during the Finals, and the Warriors will be crushed by the expectations. I’ve been steadily saying the Cavs will repeat all season, and everything I’ve seen thus far in the playoffs makes me feel very comfortable with my stance.

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