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The PUP List is Offering Free Shelter for All The Lost Sheep Who Doubted LeBron and The Cavs


By: Alex Marcheschi

A little over a month ago, a few blogs I wrote about the Cavs and Warriors picked up some traction on Reddit and I had Warriors fans throwing cyber punches at my domepiece. The general message of those blogs was that the Cavs were purposely tanking at the end of the regular season and that there was nothing for Cavs fans to worry about. I talked about how Cleveland would turn it on in the playoffs, and about how they’re on the same level as the Warriors. What were deemed hot takes by sheep Warriors fans have revealed themselves to be accurate takes. I love a good Twitter fight, all’s fair in love and war, I counter punched the sheep and moved on after all was said and done.

But don’t you dare think for a second I forgot about the insults. Don’t you dare think I haven’t stashed away the names of these Warriors fans in both my dummy safe and my real safe. Let’s start with @samesfandiari, he didn’t take kindly to the truth I hit him with:

Him posting that led to Warriors fans coming at me and telling me that they “maybe give the Cavs one game” against the Warriors, and so on, and so forth. They were also saying the Cavs’ regular season struggles were somehow different than all the other times LeBron teams have hit dry spells after the All Star Break.

warriors idiots.PNG

Ohhh, ohhh Sam…I have watched. I’ve watched for years. I knew this was coming! You sir, are a sheep! No, a lamb! I wish I owned a Greek restaurant because I could make so many gyros from all the lamb meat these Warriors fans have provided me with. LeBron is shocking the globe with his play lately. He looks truly unstoppable and the Cavs are rolling on all cylinders. Their plan of tanking the regular season in order to avoid the Wizards and get as much rest as possible before facing the Warriors is working perfectly.

Yes, the Warriors are playing well too, but they continue to be the luckiest team in the history of basketball. They got the Blazers without Nurkic, Blake Griffin got hurt again, so the Jazz advanced, Gobert wasn’t 100% and George Hill got hurt, then Zaza purposely injured Kawhi when the Spurs were undoubtedly about to smash the Dubs in game one of the WCF. Don’t listen to anything you hear in the media, the Cavs should be the favorites heading into the Finals. LeBron is 3X better than anyone on the Warriors right now. Kyrie is just as good as Steph and David Griffin surrounded the King with world class three point shooting.

These Finals will be absolutely legendary, the Cavs will win and the Warriors narrative will completely change. People will begin to talk about how they won their only ring by playing against a severely injured Cleveland team without Kyrie and Love, and when they lose in a few weeks, it will cause Draymond to lose his lid and the team will get broken up. The Warriors will eventually be disbanded and the West will be wide open again, with no super teams. This will then open the door for LeBron to retire with a minimum of six rings and the drought issues Cali has been dealing with will be solved thanks to Warriors fans’ tears.

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