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Hate Crime on LeBron’s Family a Sad & Sobering Reality Check on Eve of Finals

By: Alex Marcheschi

Early this morning, LeBron James’ Los Angeles home was vandalized as a criminal spray painted the “N” word on the gates of his property. It was a sad and sobering gut punch to NBA fans and Americans on the eve of the most anticipated NBA Finals in recent memory. For me, it really puts things into perspective.

On the day before one of the biggest games of his life, LeBron had to explain this to his children. This isn’t the early 1970s, this is 2017 and it happened in Los Angeles. It honestly feels like a scene from Remember The Titans. Not only does it make me sad, it makes me feel extremely┬ána├»ve and ignorant. I didn’t really think this type of stuff happens to anyone anymore, let alone to the arguable most famous black man in America. But, it happens every day as fellow PUP List writer Brandon Howard pointed out to me on Twitter.

And LeBron echoed Brandon’s words in his press conference today, the entire thing is worth listening to, but I pulled the last 40 seconds of it for Instagram:

I’ll show this to whoever tries to tell me racism is dead from now on. It’s really unfortunate that something like this happened, but it did, and that’s life. I now know what Kendrick Lamar meant when he said “the shit I’ve been through would probably offend you” on DNA.

I’m still really excited for The Finals obviously, but this brought me back down to earth. Props to LeBron and everyone else who has to deal with stuff like this and continue to go about their daily life.

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