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4 Reasons Why The Cavs Will Win Game 2

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By: Alex Marcheschi

For Cavs fans and Warriors haters, game one of The Finals was not pretty. Kevin Durant was in freakshow mode and he had a wide open lane to the rack on seemingly every possession. Some have already decided that the Cavs have no chance after one game, but as we saw last year, jumping to that conclusion is dangerous. I will admit that this Warriors team strikes fear into my heart, the addition of KD makes them so deadly, but they aren’t unbeatable. LeBron’s team has lost game one of The Finals in each of the last five seasons, and they’ve come out on top three of those five times.

I’m not ready to call game two a must-win for Cleveland, but it’s as close as you could possibly get to one. Going down two games against this GSW team would be very scary, climbing out of the hole last year was hard enough without Kevin Durant there.

There is hope tonight. I woke up feeling great about the Cavs’ chances, and there are four reasons behind my feeling, I will highlight them below.

Reason #1 – LeBron Giving Out Daps in The Tunnel After Game One

That’s the body language of a man who knew game one was borderline unwinnable. Everyone knew KD was going to come out like a rabid dog in order to show the world that he’s still the second best player in the world even though he teamed up with the Warriors. The atmosphere at the Oracle was absolutely electric and I would have been shocked if the Cavs stole game one. LeBron did that after the game to show his squad everything is OK and there’s no reason to panic. That’s a man with a plan.

Reason #2 – Scott Foster is Refereeing Game Two

In the above tweet, you can see a Reddit user did the research and found that four of the Warriors last nine playoff losses have come when Scott Foster was the head referee in the game, and Foster is the lead ref in game two. The Warriors win 81% of their playoff games when Foster isn’t the ref, but only 50% when he is the ref.

Reason #3 – Tristan Thompson is Ready for a Wrestling Match

Tristan finished with 0 points and only 4 rebounds in game one and that simply isn’t going to cut it. The Cavs need him to treat the game like a wrestling match in order to win, so this quote is great to see. He looked overwhelmed in game one, hopefully he shook the nerves off and is ready to go.

Reason #4 – JR Smith is Extremely Confident

This shows us that the Cavs aren’t scared, and JR is right, if the Cavs execute properly they should win. They didn’t force a single turnover in game one, and there’s no way that happens again. In game one,¬†LeBron was much more lackadaisical with his passes than he usually is, I expect the Cavs to be much more calm and collected in game two.

Look out for Tristan to dominate the glass, Kyrie to go off, LeBron to be ole reliable and Korver to splash at least four threes. Let’s go.

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