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With The MLB Draft and Trade Season Looming, The Reds Have Important Decisions To Make

By: Tyler Dugan

The Reds have a monumental couple of weeks coming up. On June 12th, the MLB draft begins. The Reds have the #2 overall pick for the second year in a row. They also have the 32nd overall pick. Same exact scenario as last year. They took Nick Senzel and Taylor Trammell last year, and both of those picks look extremely promising.


They have to do the same this year. So what names should we look for? The biggest name in the draft is a kid by the name of Hunter Greene. Green is an 18-year-old right handed pitcher out of Notre Dame High School in California. He has been called the best high school pitching prospect to ever enter the draft. He has been clocked as high as 102 mph. He also throws a nasty slider along with a curve and a change. He never threw a fastball below 95 in his high school career.

He does have some controversy around him though, he decided to stop pitching in the middle of his high school season not due to injury, but because he wanted to prepare for the draft. There have been a lot of rumors going around that he did this because he wants to slip in the draft to #3 to play for the Padres to stay home. Who knows the real reason, but if he falls to the #2 pick, the Reds shouldn’t pass up on him.

Some other guys on the radar are Brendan Mckay, a pitcher/1b out of Louisville. If the Reds were to take him at #2 it would be as a hitter, not as a pitcher. As a hitter he’s hitting .356 with 17 home runs, maybe the most complete college hitter in the draft, similar to Senzel of last year. On the mound he’s 9-3 with a 2.31 ERA in 97+ innings.


The final guy that would be under consideration at #2 would be Kyle Wright, a right handed pitcher out of Vandy. He is 5-5 on the year with a 2.98 ERA over 96.2 innings of work. Wright throws 5 pitches. His fastball has gotten up to 97, but sits in the mid 90s. A lot of places have him going #1 overall because he is out of college, and is a little more developed than Greene. Vandy is known for big time pitchers, David Price and Sonny Gray being the big names. Kyle Wright is probably the safest choice in this draft.

The Reds need to snag one of those three and need to hit it big with him. That pick, with Senzel, needs to be the cornerstone of our future.

The next reason why these next couple of weeks are sooooo big is because trade season begins. Obviously the biggest guys for the Reds that will be talked about on the market are Cozart, Duvall and Suarez. One of those three will get dealt, and the hottest commodity on that list will be Cozart. He is having an unbelievable year, he will be the best hitter on the market, playing a position that lacks great hitters. The thing is, out of the contending teams, there is no team that has a great need for shortstops. The team I found right now that probably needs the most shortstop help is the Orioles. They are a contender, and have no true shortstop. Look for them to pursue Cozart.

As for Suarez and Duvall? Any team any time could use a power right handed hitter, so I’m sure a lot of contenders will go after them. The thing with all of these guys is there isn’t a desperate need to move them like we have seen in the past. They are not overly expensive and we control them for a decent amount of time. The most important thing of all is that the Reds are still in this thing. It’s June, and the Reds remain 3 games out of first coming off of Scooter going bananas. The Reds are able to sell to the fans that they are still contending for a playoff spot, because they are!

This season has been a roller coaster, and don’t expect anything different in the coming weeks. The Reds could be sellers, they could stay put, hell, they could buy a pitcher. No one truly knows. It should be a grand ole time.

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