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Will Ferrell Dropped Two ‘N’ Bombs During a 2000 SNL Skit & Faced No Backlash. Sign of Different Times or Proof He’s The GOAT?

By: Alex Marcheschi

In the year 2000 I was eight years old and I didn’t watch SNL. So, in the moment when the above skit happened, I was completely unaware of it/too ignorant to even form a thought. However, the Will Ferrell skit above, which is absolutely hilarious, has always amazed me. If you’ve never seen it before, I strongly encourage you to watch it now. I don’t even know who Robert Goulet is and it still makes me die laughing. The shock value behind Ferrell dropping two separate, extremely well enunciated, very loud “N” bombs is staggering.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that flying if it came out today. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Will Ferrell would lose his job if that skit were released today. Ferrell doesn’t just drop an “N” bomb, he legitimately screams it the first time while he does a rendition of “The Thong Song” as Robert Goulet. He then drops another one while covering “Poppa” by Biggie.

In my opinion, this skit can prove one of two things. Either it solidifies Will Ferrell as the most untouchable comedian on earth, or it means the times have drastically¬†changed since the year 2000. Think about it…I mean, that’s some Teflon Don shit. For a white man, the “N bomb” is off limits, and I’m not arguing that at all. It should be, it’s terrible. Ferrell had to know this skit was absolutely hilarious going into it, because if it bombed, it could have ruined his career. Such a ballsy move.

There’s no way Ferrell could have gotten away with doing this today, and I honestly think SNL as a whole might’ve gotten cancelled. Looking back, I can’t believe it happened.

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