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The Cavs & David Griffin “Just Couldn’t Agree On Future” AKA He Didn’t Want to Trade Kevin Love

k love griffin

By: Alex Marcheschi

Welp, we have reached the point of no return. There is chaos in Cleveland and no one knows what’s going to happen next. Woj dropped another bomb today, telling us all that Dan Gilbert and David Grffin parted ways because they couldn’t agree on the future of the Cavs.

I interpret “not agreeing on the future” of the Cavs to mean this: Griffin didn’t want to trade Love, because as I highlighted today, the move would essentially require the Cavs to sacrifice the future of the franchise for one high-powered shot at GSW. Griffin was widely regarded as one of the best GMs in the league, and he would be left with very few assets if Love got dealt. If Dan Gilbert wants Love dealt for a more dynamic player like Butler or George, this likely led to his decision not to re-sign Griffin. Gilbert has never given a GM a second contract in his time as the Cavs owner anyway, he just doesn’t do it, no matter what.

Esteemed NBA writer, and usually nice guy, Zach Lowe took a shot at Gilbert…

Then, Windy reported that Gilbert didn’t even clear the move with LeBron…

Then, Cavs reporter Dave McMenamin tweeted out Griffin’s take on the situation, which he ended with “the fit is not right for us to continue with one another.”

And then LeBron capped it off with his specialty, a subtweet:

Things are getting weird, and like I wrote earlier today, word is starting to spread that LeBron is likely to leave after this next season. Griffin likely wanted more money than Gilbert was willing to pay and didn’t want to move Kevin Love, because if Love gets dealt, the Cavs will be without assets for a long time. All these signs are pointing to strange events on the horizon, we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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