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Gleyber Torres Is Out For The Year: So Now What?


By: Boots

In case you were living under a rock and didn’t know, Yanks top prospect Gleyber Torres went down over the weekend on an awkward play at the plate.  

On Sunday he tweeted the following, giving hope to fans everywhere that it wasn’t anything serious, but not so fast Gleyber.  Pencil him in for Tommy John surgery and see you in Tampa in February.  

Torres was supposed to take over for the below average Chase Headley around the all-star break, but the injury leaves all Yankees fans asking the same question: now what?

It really comes down to three options:  do nothing, make a trade, or look internally. Let’s take a look at all three.

Do Nothing:

This is not an option.  Headley is in the middle of another relatively subpar season offensively, and actually having the worst defensive year of his career. Headley ranks in the bottom third of the league for qualified third baseman in defensive runs saved, errors and fielding percentage. In addition, Headley is hitting .182 v LHP.  If the Yanks are serious about making a run, doing nothing at the third base position is not an option.

Make a Trade:

When I say make a trade, I am talking about a pure rental.  Someone who is only under team control through 2017, MAYBE with an option for 2018.  That brings me to 3 possible candidates.


Mike Moustakas has had a great bounce back year after missing most of 2016 with an injury (.276 18 HR 45 RBI).  He is a free agent at the end of the year, has left handed power that would fit perfectly in Yankee Stadium, and until recently the Royals were rumored to be taking calls on him.  The question becomes, what is the asking price and will they find themselves in a bidding war with the Red Sox, who have gotten essentially nothing from Pablo Sandoval and a revolving door of replacements.


Jed Lowrie is the ultimate utility man, proven pro and clubhouse veteran that could serve the Yankees well.  Lowrie is currently hitting .287 and leading the league in doubles. Oakland (despite sweeping the Yankees this past weekend in Oakland) are the worst team in the American League and do not figure to be in the wild card race down the stretch. Lowrie has a reasonable team option for 2018, and could end up serving as a valuable asset next year if he needs to fill in for Torres, Didi or Castro at any point. Again, as is the case with Moustakas, the question becomes the asking price.


Notice how I put Eduardo Nunez in a Yankee jersey? Foreshadowing or blast from the past? Nunez is the perfect fit for the Yanks down the stretch. Nunez is hitting .299 with 17 SB for a Giants team that is going absolutely nowhere since Madison Bumgarner decided to fall off his dirt bike. Nunez is a solid hitter, solid defender, is a free agent at the end of the year and has proven he can do it in New York.  Can you tell who I want the Yanks to go out and get?

Look Internally:

Meet Miguel Andujar:


The man who has hit at every level of the minors, is a true third baseman and will now man the hot corner for Triple A Scranton.  The case for Andujar to start seems relatively straightforward to me. He has hit both lefties and righties (.304 v LHP, .315 v RHP), has hit for power (31 XBH in 68 games) and most importantly could serve as an audition as a vital piece for an offseason trade for starting pitching.  Best case scenario, he hits and you have yet another prospect in your system contributing at the big league level, worst case scenario, he doesn’t and you go back to Chase Headley only to be exactly where you are right now.


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