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Jimmy Butler Emerges From The Clouds As The Cavs’ New Target

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By: Alex Marcheschi

This is like Christmas morning when you think you’re done opening presents and then you spot one more hiding behind the tree. Well, except for the part when Mom (Dan Gilbert) divorces Dad (David Griffin) right before mass and then mentions she’s thinking about putting your brother (Kevin Love) up for adoption. Other than that, the present is cool.

Whispers of a deal for Butler popped up last night, and the rumors continue to circulate. The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Butler is now pushing for a trade to the Cavs.

And just recently, ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne reported that the Lakers have moved in on the Paul George discussions, just in case he were to fall in love with the team that rents him and ditch the Lakeshow.

I actually love the way this is shaking out. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the Cavs are most likely going to deal K Love, I still hate it, but I’ve accepted it. And, as I wrote last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin Love was at the center of the disagreement about the “future” Griffin and Gilbert had that led to Cleveland parting ways with its old GM.

K Love is signed through 2020. George will be a free agent at the end of the year, and Butler has two more years left on his deal. That means if the Cavs trade Love for Butler, they’d at least get two years of a Grade A player, as opposed to just one with PG. I’d personally rather have Butler than George, it just seems like Butler would be much more accepting of a third fiddle role (keep in mind, all of this is going on while the Cavs literally don’t have a GM).  Butler just has that dog in him, and something tells me he would relish the opportunity to learn from LeBron. He’s been starving for a chance to chase a championship, and he would thrive on the Cavs. He can get to the rack, drill the deep ball and defend with the best of them. It would be a great pick up, even if it means losing Love.


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